Roger Frederick Younger

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An Australian man who crashed his motorbike into a traffic barrier in Kamala on Saturday morning had died reports The Phuket News.

The unconscious victim, named by police as Roger Frederick Younger, 37, was rushed to Patong Hospital. Later, a hospital employee told The Phuket News that the man had succumbed to his injuries in the emergency room.

Earlier, at 12:40 that day, Kamala Police’s Capt Prasert Thongprom was called to an accident near Baan Kamala Muslim Cemetery (Kubo Mutsaam). Arriving at the scene, police found a mangled, red plate Honda motorbike leaning against a traffic barrier. Scrapes were clearly visible along the barrier. No helmet was found at the scene.

“Witnesses to the accident said that the big bike was coming from the direction of Patong and heading to Leam Sing at high speed,” The Phuket News quoted Pol Capt Prasert. “The rider missed the bend and slammed into the barrier causing him to fly from the bike and land on a path running along the outside of the cemetery wall.”

Police transported the victim’s bike to Kamala Police Station and notified The Australian Consulate-General in Phuket of the death.

Unnamed Japanese

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An elderly Japanese man died after falling from a car park in a 50-storey building in Sathon on Saturday morning.

The lifeless body of a Japanese man lay in the driveway leading to the multi-storey car park at the United Center on Silom Road (Bang Rak subdistrict) when officers from Thung Maha Mek Police Station arrived on the scene. The man, whose identity is yet to be confirmed, had plummeted from the tenth floor between 8:30 and 9:00 on Saturday morning.

The unidentified male suffered fractures in both arms and legs and extensive injuries to his skull. “We believe the man was in his 60’s,” Pol Capt Apichai Srisang said, adding that no identification documents had been found at the scene. “All we know is that he is likely to be a Japanese national.”

As volunteers from the Poh Tek Tung Rescue Foundation cleaned up the scene, Pol Capt Apichai told reporters that the reason for his death had not yet been established, but it was thought that the deceased had gone to the car park with the express intention of committing suicide.

Les Braddock

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Members of the Udon Map online forum are grieving for a male Australian expatriate who died at home after being admitted to the hospital.

Les Braddock, 60, had been in the intensive care unit at Fort Prachaksilapakhom Hospital in Udon Thani’s Mueang subdistrict for four days when the news of his condition went public. semperfiguy, a user of the online forum Udon Map, a forum mostly frequented by foreigners living in Isaan, published the post on Thursday, September 15.

“I just found out this afternoon that the Australian fellow, Les, is in the ICU at the Army Hospital,” he said. “I ran into his wife at the hospital today and she said Les had been in the ICU for 4 days now with kidney failure and his condition is deteriorating daily.”

Only 24 hours after the post, Les Braddock died from his illness. His wife had decided to take him home after doctors said there was nothing they could do for him. He passed away on the evening of September 16.

Mr Braddock and his wife were running a restaurant at the Baan San Saran Village where the couple lived. A forum user wrote,”Les has been trying to get back to Australian for quite a while now to have heart surgery, but the doctors were not prepared to operate until his condition improved from a motorbike accident last year.”

Horace Nelson Higdon Jr

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An American man was found dead in a rented room in Patong Tuesday night after housekeeping staff noticed a foul smell coming from the room while sweeping the floor outside.

Patong police were notified at 20:20 about the death and made their way to the Baan Fasi building on Pisitkoranee Rd to investigate the scene. Since both, the front and the back door had been locked from the inside, police entered the room through the window.

The air-conditioning in the room was still running, Pol Maj Batabi Srichai told The Phuket News. The man, who police identified as 63-year-old American Horace Nelson Higdon Jr, was found in a sitting position on the floor with his face resting on the foot of the bed.

Maj Patapee said police found no signs of assault on the body or robbery in the room. The owner of the Baan Fasi, Boonlerd Wanyattikul, who reported the discovery to police, said that Mr Higdon Jr renewed his lease every six months and had been renting the room since July 2014.

“Mr Higdon was staying in the room alone,” Mr Boonlerd told police. “He was very polite and never had problems with anyone.” On Sept 13 at around 20:00, one of the housekeepers reported a smell coming from the room while he was cleaning the third-floor area. “I went to check but the room was locked.”

After learning that no one had seen Mr Higdon for several days and that his rented motorbike was still in the parking area, Mr Boonlerd had the housekeeper climb on to the balcony at the back of the building to check if he could see anything.

“He reported that he could see a motionless man in a sitting position on the floor with his face at the foot of the bed, so we called the police,” Mr Boonlerd said.

The body was taken to Patong Hospital for doctors to confirm the time and cause of death. The American Embassy has been notified of Phuket’s latest foreign death.

Pekka Laine

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Police in Chiang Mai conjecture that a Finnish man experienced a severe panic attack causing him to jump out of a sixth floor window in his hotel on Tuesday afternoon.

The body of Pekka Laine, from Finland, was lying on the concrete floor next to the Arcade Inn hotel in Chiang Mai’s Wat Ket subdistrict when police from Mae Ping Provincial Police Station arrived on the scene. Mr Laine, in his 30’s, was found dead with his face down in a pool of blood from head wounds. Preliminary details surrounding his death are sketchy, but hotel employees told investigators that Mr Laine had checked into the hotel at around 13:20 on the day of his death carrying nothing but a backpack.

“He stayed alone in his room throughout the afternoon,” Pol Capt Gesha Netchang told reporters. Four hours later, at 17:05, a female employee heard a sound of something heavy falling to the ground, prompting her to rush out. “She then saw Mr Laine lying about three metres next to the hotel building,” continued Pol Capt Gesha, “but he was already dead.”

Police inspected room no. 607 where the Mr Laine had been staying, but found no signs of a struggle nor any evidence indicating that a crime had taken place. “However,” Pol Capt Gesha said, “a window in the corridor on the sixth floor had been opened. We assume Mr Laine leapt from this window.”

Asked for a possible reason for Mr Laine’s behaviour, police suggested that he might have had personal problems and did not know how to solve them, leading him to commit suicide. “We assume that he booked the room solely for this purpose,” Pol Capt Gesha concluded.

Poul Albertsen

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A Danish expatriate living in Nakhon Sawan recently lost his battle with cancer.

Poul Albertsen passed away on Monday, September 12, 2016, at the age of 68. Mr Albertsen, born in 1948, grew up in Randers, Denmark where he worked locally as Head of Department at Akademikernes Centralorganisation. When he retired, Mr Albertsen moved to Thailand and settled in the western province of Nakhon Sawan with his wife, Tou and their daughter Ning. He was known to be very active on Facebook and write entertaining postings for his fellow expatriates about his life in Thailand.

According to “Mr Albertsen battled for a while with cancer, but his good spirit and positive attitude to life never seemed to suffer.”

He Renfu

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A swimming trip ended tragically for an elderly Chinese on Koh Phi Phi. Just minutes after he entered the water, he was found floating unconscious on the water surface.

It was supposed to be a relaxing day out for a group of Chinese tourists. Shortly after 9:40 Sunday morning, Captain Surachai Bramonggit, 37, picked up a group of travellers from the Asia Marina pier in Phuket’s Ratsada subdistrict and headed straight for the popular holiday island of Koh Phi Phi.

The group arrived on Koh Phi Phi around 11:30. According to Pol Lt Col Chetapan Wichaidisot, the investigating officer, Captain Surachai anchored his boat in order to enable the group to go swimming. He Renfu, a 66-year-old tourist from China, was one of the first to jump in.

Only minutes later, distressed members of the group reported to the Captain that a man had lost consciousness in the water. “Mr Hen was floating with his face down on the surface of the water,” Pol Lt Col Chetapan said. “He did not move at all.”

With the help of others on board, Captain Surachai managed to pull Mr He back onto the boat. Later, he was rushed to Koh Phi Phi Hospital, but in vain. “Mr He was pronounced dead as he arrived at the emergency room”, Pol Lt Col Chetapan said.

Enquiries revealed that Mr He was correctly wearing a life jacket when he died. It is thought that he experienced a health issue shortly after jumping into the sea. A forensic examination will is supposed to shed light on the case.

Michael Fraser Macpherson

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A 44 year old English tourist died after his scooter collided with a pickup as it was turning into a road leading to Chong Thong Thani Village, Phuket police confirmed on Saturday evening.

Bystanders on Khwang Road in Phuket’s Wichit subdistrict had to witness volunteers from the Phuket Ruamjai Rescue Foundation cover the body of Michael Fraser Macpherson with a white cloth.  Mr Macpherson, who was not wearing a helmet, suffered a fractured skull and died instantly. His mangled scooter (license plate กษม 347 Phuket) was found fifteen metres from his body.

Pol Lt Patchari Wongbun, an investigator from Wichit Provincial Police Station, confirmed the identity of the other driver involved in the accident as that of Nipan Ganbragob, 39.  Mr Nipan was travelling with his wife and young daughter in his grey Isuzu pickup (กพ 8049 Phuket).

According to Mr Nipan’s testimony, he was making a right turn from Chao Fah Tawan Tok Road onto Khwang Road when Mr Macpherson’s black Honda scooter crashed into his pickup from the opposite direction. The left side of the pickup was severely damaged.

Rescue workers took Mr Macpherson’s body to Vachira Phuket Hospital where a post-mortem examination is expected to confirm the cause of death and test his blood alcohol level.

Chan Ho-hin

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The holiday for a Hong Kongese couple ended in tragedy when their scooter crashed into an incoming ice truck in Koh Samui. The 22-year-old scooter rider died at the scene while his girlfriend suffered serious injuries. The accident photographs are not for the faint-hearted.

This was the scene that greeted rescuers on Koh Samui’s ring road (Highway 4169) in Moo 3 of Bo Phut subdistrict on Saturday morning around 10:00: a couple lay in the middle of a road, pieces of metal and plastic from the motorbike they were riding was scattered all over the asphalt.The woman, who was the only one wearing a helmet, survived the crash, but her boyfriend lay motionless on the road, his head surrounded by a pool of blood. Such accidents are commonplace in a country that is quoted as having the

The woman, who was the only one wearing a helmet, survived the crash, but her boyfriend lay motionless on the road, his head surrounded by a pool of blood. Such accidents are commonplace in a country that is quoted as having the second highest number of road deaths in the world (source: Asian Correspondent, 25 Feb 2014).

When officers from Bo Phut Provincial Police Station arrived at the crash site, the life of 22-year-old rider of the Honda Scoopy (license plate คยจ 98 Surat Thani), Chan Ho-Hin, was already hovering between life and death.

A few meters further up the road, parked on the side-strip, police found the battered white ice truck (1 ฒก-6836 Bangkok) which had also been involved in the fatal crash. The driver, Adisak Sukgaenaron, 45, stood by his vehicle and waited for the police. Police questioned Mr Adisak who was on his way to Chaweng when the accident happened.

An ambulance from Bangkok Hospital Samui, which just happened to be a few kilometres from the accident, arrived on the scene very quickly. Both scooter victims were rushed to a hospital where Mr Chan later died.

As a result of the Koh Samui’s geographic outline, the road going the island winds over several steep hills. Mr Adisak said he saw Mr Chan’s scooter racing in the opposite direction as his truck was approaching a dangerous bend. He claims that Mr Chan tried desperately to slow down, but instead, lost control of his motorbike, crashing it into the front of his ice truck.

At 18:30 the same day, Bangkok Hospital Samui confirmed to Bo Phut Provincial Police Station that Mr Chan had succumbed to his injuries. April Wong, the victim’s 21-year-old girlfriend, was in a stable condition but had to stay at the hospital because of a concussion.

Pol Lt Ratgan Janrong told Khaosod Online that there would be another interview with the ice truck driver before deciding whether to charge him with reckless driving causing injuries and death.

Mr Chan was visiting Ms Wong, who is studying Hotel Management in Switzerland and serving her internship at a Koh Samui hotel. The couple posted a picture of their candlelight dinner on social media the night before the accident.

A Hong Kong Immigration Department spokeswoman confirmed that two Hongkong citizens were involved in an accident in Koh Samui and that one had suffered head and body injuries while the other was deceased. The department has contacted the families to offer assistance.

Robert James Fossum

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An elderly American man was found was dead in the Mekong River in Chiang Rai province on Wednesday morning in what is the most recent foreigner death in Thailand.

On the morning of Wednesday, September 7, a fisherman in Chiang Rai’s Wiang subdistrict found something unexpected when he went to set up his fishing rod in the Mekong River: a lifeless floating body. Officers from Chiang Khong Provincial Police Station, a physician from Somdet Phra Yupparat Hospital and local rescue workers arrived at the scene to investigate the death.

Police later established the identity of the man, naming him as Robert James Fossum, a 70-year-old American. Mr Fossum, police said, was floating with his face down in the middle of the river. Rescue workers had to use a boat to reach the body and to pull it to out of the water onto the river bank. Whilst doing so, they noticed he was not wearing any pants, just a navy blue long-sleeve shirt and a pair of shoes made of sailcloth. The on-site physician concluded that Mr Fossum had been dead for approximately 7-8 hours.

Police found no signs of violence on the body. His backpack, containing a room key to a hotel in the Chiang Khong district, was found nearby. At the hotel, police questioned employees and learned that Mr Fossum had only arrived on September 6, the day before he was found deceased.

According to an eyewitness who saw Mr Fossum leaving his room on the day of his death, he looked “as if he was going to exercise”. The next time anyone saw him, he was floating on the river. When police inspected Mr Fossum’s room, they found a farewell letter announcing his intention to commit suicide. Chiang Khong police are in the process of contacting the US Embassy to inform them about the incident.


Jasper Larsson

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Koh Phangan Police discovered the body of a 57-year-old Danish foreigner who had apparently committed suicide during a Buddhist ceremony several days earlier.

Pol Lt Saengrot Somrotrat was informed at 08:00hrs Saturday morning that a French tourist had discovered the body of his friend on Koh Ma, a tiny island adjacent to the north-west of Koh Phang in Surat Thani province. Pol Lt Saengrot from Koh Phangan Provincial Police Station told reporters, “We sent out additional officers, emergency physicians and supporting rescue volunteers to examine the scene.”

Police found the decomposing body of Jasper Larsson, 57, in a densely forested area. The deceased was not wearing a shirt when he was discovered. However, according to Lt Saengrot, police did not find “any visible injuries”.  Instead, they found a small Buddha portrait and burnt incense sticks used in Buddhist worshipping ceremonies next to his body. A bag, found approximately 30 metres away, contained his passport as well as “a great range of pharmaceutical drugs”. Also inside the bag was a farewell letter written in Danish by Mr Larsson saying, “Please don’t make a big thing out of this”. He requested that his body be cremated at a temple on Koh Phangan in line with his Buddhist beliefs and added, “Please also take care of my rented scooter.”

The friend who found the body told police officers that Mr Larsson would regularly to go up the mountain on Koh Ma. After he went missing, his friend notified Mr Larsson’s family in Denmark who, in turn, asked for help from the Danish Embassy in Bangkok. Mr Larsson’s friend continued to search for Mr Larsson on his own – making the grim discovery on Saturday morning. Superintendent Pol Lt Col Somsak Nurod confirmed, “One day after his disappearance, we received an inquiry from his Embassy regarding the death of a Danish national on Koh Phangan”.

Emergency physicians estimated the Dane had been dead for between four to five days. Based on the further evidence, police, Pol Lt Saengrot reasoned that Mr Larsson had been suffering from a variety of chronic illnesses and that this might have been the reason for his suicide. “We think that he died from an overdose of his drugs,” he remarked.

Sven Schultz

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Police on Koh Samui suspect that drugs found in the bungalow of a 45-year-old, Sven Schultz, a German national, to be the cause of his death. He was found in bed, naked on Friday early afteroon, Matichon reported.

According to Wasu Janpong, the 31-year-old owner of the bungalow resort in the Koh Samui’s Maret district near Lamai Beach, “Mr Schultz had checked in on August 19. He stayed alone, but often brought bar girls back to his room. He also drank a lot.” At 13:15 on Friday, Mr Wasu went to Mr Schultz’s bungalow to find out why he had failed to check out. Mr Wasu said, “Nobody answered, so I used my master key to open the door. I then saw Mr Schultz lying dead in his bed.”

Fifteen minutes later, officers from Bo Phut Provincial Police Station and members of the Tourist Police entered the bungalow to try and make sense of the scene that greeted them. “Except for his socks, Mr Schultz was completely naked,” investigating officer Pol Maj Udomsak Tappa told reporters. The bungalow floor was scattered with clothes of the deceased and next to his ear, police found a mobile phone.

“On the table, we saw several different pharmaceutical drugs,” Pol Maj Udomsak explained naming one of the drugs benzodiazepines. A yet unidentified white powder found in the room was also collected at the scene and submitted for analysis. They also bagged a bra and a beauty box. An emergency physician from Koh Samui Hospital estimated Mr Schultz had been dead for approximately seven to eight hours.

Investigator Pol Maj Udomsak said they suspect the drugs found in the room played a signifant role in the tourist’s death, but did not know the cause of death for sure because he may have died from an accidental overdose.  A post-mortem examination at Koh Samui Hospital has been scheduled to definitively determine the cause of death.

Ross Anthony Mobbs

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A 30-year-old tourist from New Zealand died late Monday night after he fell from the fourth floor balcony of a Bangkok hotel.

Ross Anthony Mobbs, 30, was found by hotel employees lying face down on the terrace of the Chillax Resort. Leading the investigation is Deputy Investigator, Pol Capt Utai Wangtan from Chanasongkhram Police Station, who informed the Thai media that the incident was reported at around 23:50 on Monday night.

Police and Poh Tek Tung rescue volunteers arrived at the Chillax Resort, a five-storey building in Soi Samsen 2, only a stone’s throw away from the popular backpacker centre Khao San Road in Bangkok’s Phra Nakon district. “There was nothing we could do, ” Pol Capt Utai said. “He was already dead.”

According to Chanasongkhram police, the accident was most likely the result of a drinking binge. “Mr Mobbs had been drinking with three of his friends in room 420 on the fourth floor,” Pol Capt Utai told Manager Online. Later, he decided to call it a night and return to his room. However, instead of leaving the hotel room via the door, Mr Mobbs decided to climb over the balcony railings of 420 to get to  his own room, 422. What might have started out as high spirits fuelled by alcohol, turned into tragedy: Mr Mobbs lost his grip on the railings and was unable to pull himself up onto his own balcony. He plummeted four stories to the ground and died on impact.

Police are now trying to reconstruct the night’s events based on the testimonies of the victim’s friends.  A thorough medical examination has been scheduled to confirm the cause of death. The New Zealand Embassy has been notified of the accident.

Tom Forde

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An Australian motorcycle enthusiast died doing what he loved: he was killed in a road accident in Phayao province on Sunday.

This information was posted on Monday in The Golden Triangle Rider, an online forum for motorbike riders in Southeast-Asia. According to The Post , Australian Tom Forde, 66, from Newcastle, was involved in a fatal crash in which he was “hit from behind just out of Phayao” in Thailand’s north. He eventually succumbed to his injuries.

Shocked forum users describe Mr Forde as ‘a real character and true motorcyclist’. “It is a tragic loss to the riding community here especially those in the region,” user lipmeng wrote. Rod Page said: “Very sad indeed. A great contributor to all & in everything he did. I’m shocked by your report of how it happened.”

Friends and family members of Mr Forde organised a buddhist funeral which will be held from 1st to 4th September at Wat Mae Kung in Chiang Mai’s San Sai district. His cremation will take place immediately afterwards, on Sunday.  “For the actual cremation, we would like all the bikes to be lined up in a guard of honour for Tom’s final journey”, forum user DavidFL wrote.