Thomas Oscar Brandt

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A German restaurant owner was fatally injured after he was catapulted out of a curve on Koh Samui. The 48-year-old had died before ambulances arrived.

Daily News reported the accident on the afternoon of Saturday, April 20 on their website. The article said that police had already identified the deceased as Thomas Oscar Brandt, a 48-year-old restaurant owner on the island from Jülich, Germany.

According to investigator Pol Capt Bannam Srinarad, whom the Daily News report quoted, he and additional officers from Bo Put Provincial Police Station were informed of a road accident involving a foreigner at around 13:10. Together with Samui Rescue volunteers, they rushed to the scene in Bo Put subdistrict where the accident had taken place.

Arriving at a curve close to Baan Hin Sai Resort & Spa on highway 4169 which spans around the entire island and is locally dubbed Ring Rd, police and rescue workers discovered the already dead Mr Brandt. He lay behind the traffic barrier. A few metres further on the road lay his red and white Honda Click (license plate 1กง 9621 Surat Thani).

“We found dozens of bruises and scratches all over Mr Brandt’s body,” Pol Capt Bannam told Daily News. “Blood was coming out of his head and ears, indicating that he had sustained a serious head trauma during the crash.” Police also noted a trace of slippy fluid on the side of the road Mr Brandt had been riding on, the investigator said.

“We tried to find someone who had witnessed the actual accident, but it seems like there was nobody present at the time of the crash,” Pol Capt Bannam described the beginning of the investigation into Mr Brandt’s death. Instead, police asked the motorcyclist who had found the body and called the authorities.

“He told us that as he stopped to assist Mr Brandt, he was still alive but in a critical condition. He eventually died before we arrived on the scene.” Another motorcyclist who had fallen off his scooter earlier that day at the same spot but got away with only minor injuries told police that it was the slippy road that had caused him losing control of his vehicle. Users of the Facebook group Roads of Koh Samui also reported similar incidents.

“At this point, the evidence we have collected so far is consistent with the account of the motorists. We suspect that Mr Brandt lost control of his vehicle after driving through the slippy area on the road,” Pol Capt Bannam shared the current stand of the investigation. However, even though police was told that the fluid came from a garbage truck which had lost bits of trash earlier, police have yet to establish the identity of the driver.

Further investigation into the case revealed that Mr Brandt approached the curve at high speed. While being catapulted over the traffic barrier, he collided with a traffic sign behind the wall under which his body was found.

Samui Rescue volunteers transported Mr Brandt’s body to pathology at Koh Samui Hospital which has been ordered by police to establish the official cause of death. Meanwhile, officers informed the German Embassy in Bangkok of the fatal accident.

Anna Maria Zingsheim

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Residents of a town in Nakhon Ratchasima province discovered the body of an elderly German woman floating on a pond next to a temple.

Officers at Cho Ho Provincial Police Station received the report at around 08:30 on Friday morning. Together with volunteers of the Huk 31 Foundation, police investigators to the location where the body was found.

The lifeless body of Anna Maria Zingsheim, 72, was floating on a pond surrounding a building of Wad Sawang Arom at Mu 8 in Khok Sung subdistrict of Nakhon Ratchasima province. Volunteers entered the water and retrieved the body. Several onlookers had gathered around the temple to witness the scene.

After a brief examination of the body, police estimated that the woman had died at least two hours earlier. She was wearing a black t-shirt and trousers but no shoes. Investigators did not find any visible injuries or other signs of foul play.

While volunteers brought Ms Zingsheim’s body to Maharat Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital, police began to gather more information about the woman and her puzzling death.

According to an official report, Ms Zingsheim was well-known in the area. The district administration praised her for her voluntary work at the Sawang Arom temple which included cleaning dishes, collecting trash and other services she had been doing for the past ten years.

Monks of the temple told police that Ms Zingsheim was a frequent visitor of Wad Sawang Arom where she regularly made merit. She and her family moved to Thailand 14 years ago and had been living in Nakhon Ratchasima ever since.

Residents told police that Ms Zingsheim’s house was not far from the temple. She usually helped out at the temple every day from 05:00.

At 08:30 Friday morning, a person reportedly spotted Ms Zingsheim’s body floating on the pond about three metres from a prayer hall belonging to Wad Sawang Arom.

A pathologist has yet to carry out a post-mortem examination to establish the official cause of death. However, police believe that she slipped and fell into the water while sweeping the floor outside of the temple. She may have drowned, police said.

Đậu Trung Hiế

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A quarrel between a Vietnamese couple in a taxi ended deadly for the boyfriend. After admitting he had cheated on his girlfriend, rushed to Bangkok Noi Canal to drown himself.

According to Khaosod Online, Bangkok Noi Police Station was alarmed of an incident involving a Vietnamese man who had jumped into Bangkok Noi Canal and was quickly was lost out of sight. Police received the call from the girlfriend of the man at around 08:00 on Thursday morning.

When police arrived at the Naval Transportation Ship Division close to Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok Noi subdistrict, officers met a visibly distressed woman. She identified herself as Ms Ti, 19, who was the boyfriend of Đậu Trung Hiế, the man who had jumped into the canal.

While divers of the Poh Teck Tung Foundation were searching for Mr Hiế, his girlfriend, who is also a Vietnamese national, told police what had happened. According to her, she and her boyfriend, who also went by his nickname Tai, had been at a birthday party in Bangkok Noi subdistrict before the incident happened.

Since Mr Hiế was drunk and was unable to drive, the couple hired a taxi that would bring them to Thonburi where both of them lived. But shortly after the couple had gotten into the vehicle, a fight broke out between them.

“At one point, he confessed that he has cheated on me with another girl,” Ms Ti told police investigators. “Of course, I was angry at him and demanded answers. The quarrel quickly turned into a serious fight.”

As the couple approached Arun Amarin Bridge, Mr Hiế told the driver of the taxi to pull over quickly. “He then suddenly exited the cab and ran towards the Bangkok Noi Canal where the Naval Transportation Ship Division is located,” Ms Ti said. “I followed him, but he was faster than me.”

From a distance, she saw her boyfriend jumping into the water and swimming as away as fast as he could. He was soon out of sight, she panicked and called the police who arrived shortly afterwards.

It took divers over an hour until they found Mr Hiế’s body far south from the spot where he had jumped. Police confirmed that he had already died of drowning.

A spokesperson of Bangkok Noi Police Station said that the case is still under investigation. However, he said, the cause of death is almost certain.

Police notified the tragic incident to the Vietnamese Embassy in Bangkok. Rescue workers transported Mr Hiế’s body to Siriraj Hospital to confirm the cause of death.


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A crash between a scooter and a motorcycle ended deadly for both riders. One of them was identified as a 50-year-old man from Austria.

Officers from Na Chaliang Provincial Police Station in the Nong Phai district of Phetchabun province were sent to the location of the accident on Sunday afternoon. The crash occurred at kilometre 175 on Route 21 leading to Sara Buri province and Phetchabun’s Lom Sak district.

“We found two motorbikes and two unresponsive persons on the road,” investigating officer Pol Capt Sarot Maniruet described the moment when police and medics of the Ruam Katanyu Rescue Foundation arrived at the scene. “One of the riders was already dead; the other in a life-threatening condition.”

One of the men involved in the accident was an Austrian citizen whom police only named as Gerhard. The 50-year-old man was riding an orange KTM 1290 Super Duke motorcycle registered in Bangkok under 4 กฮ 9044.

“Mr Gerhard was in a life-threatening condition. Blood was emerging from his mouth, the bones in his left shoulder, left hand and left leg were broken.” Rescue workers rendered first aid and rushed him to Nong Phai Hospital. “However,” Pol Capt Sarot said, “I was later told that he had died on the way to the hospital.”

The other man who died in the accident was the 68-year-old Mr Rantom. He was riding a red Honda Super Cub carrying the license plate 1 กฌ 8284 Phetchabun. His scooter was laying about ten metres from Mr Gerhrad’s motorcycle in the inner lane of the road.

Pol Capt Sarot said the two bikes had collided in an area on a bend where the locals like to cross the central reservation to get to the other side. Police believe that Mr Gerhard, who had been on his way to Pattaya, crashed into Mr Rantom’s scooter while the latter was crossing the road in a blind spot. “The case is still under investigation,” Pol Capt Sarot noted.

Oleg Chernov

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A caretaker was shocked when he discovered the body of a Russian tourist floating in the swimming pool of a rented villa early Saturday morning.

The caretaker, whose name police withheld, found the body at around 07:00. The tourist was floating face down in the pool of a villa the man had been renting with his family, he told police who arrived at the scene at approximately 10:00. Officers identified the man as 51-year-old Oleg Chernov from Russia.

Police declined to name the exact location and the name of the compound where the incident had taken place. However, Pol Maj Udomsak Tappa, who has been assigned as the lead investigator, said the house was located at Soi Sala Po Dala Plab in the Moo 1 area of Koh Samui’s Bo Put subdistrict in Surat Thani province.

“Before the caretaker notified Bo Put Provincial Police Station, he alerted the son of Mr Chernov. Both rushed to the pool to pull him out,” Pol Maj Udomsak said according to an article published on “They administered CPR because he was not breathing but soon realised that Mr Chernov had already died.”

When officials arrived at the scene, a doctor from Koh Samui Hospital could do no more than pronouncing Mr Chernov dead officially. After a brief physical examination, the doctor estimated that he had died at least three hours before he the caretaker discovered his body.

Police noted that Mr Chernov was wearing swimming trunks “which indicates that he did not fell into the water accidentally but went for a swim”, investigator Pol Maj Udomsak said. Officers did not find any visible injuries on the body and at this point assumed that Mr Chernov died of drowning.

Questioning the caretaker, Pol Maj Udomsak learned that Mr Chernov and his wife plus two children had been renting a villa of the compound for ten days. On the day of their arrival, the family was seen partying around the pool and swimming until late at night.

Volunteers of Samui Rescue brought Mr Chernov’s body to Koh Samui Hospital hoping that an autopsy might reveal the reason why the tourist drowned. Police already notified Mr Chernov’s family of the tragic swimming accident and continue their investigation.