Charles Graham

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An elderly British drowned on Koh Samet on Sunday afternoon after he got drunk with his friends and then decided to go swimming.

“We were notified about the drowning of a foreigner on Koh Samet at around 14:00,” Pol Maj Wirad Yodsao from Phe Provincial Police Station said. Police and local rescue workers immediately went to the island in Rayong province to investigate the death.

The incident occurred in the Putsa Bay, which is also called Tabtim Bay. “When we arrived, dozens of foreigners and Thais had gathered at the beach,” Pol Maj Wirad remembered. Rescue workers used a small motorboat to drive out and pull the man out of the sea.

“We identified the man as Mr Charles Graham, 60 years old,” investigator Pol Maj Wirad said. “He was a tourist from England and intended to spend his holiday on Koh Samet.

Police rushed Mr Graham to the 23-kilometres distanced Rayong Hospital on the mainland. However, upon arrival, doctors could not do more than pronounce him dead.

Pol Maj Wirad: “We found out that Mr Graham had been drinking liquor with his friends before the accident.” He then decided to go swimming in the nearby Putsa Bay.

When Mr Graham had not returned ten minutes later, one of his drinking companions decided to check on him but could not spot him in the water. Fearing the worst, he shouted for help to find the lost friend.

A tourist who was swimming several hundred metres far from the beach found the body of Mr Graham. He pulled the body closer to the shore to make it easier for rescuers to recover the body before rushing him to the hospital.

“We are quite confident that the alcohol in his body was the reason for his drowning,” Pol Maj Wirad said. “Maybe he was too drunk to swim, or he drank until he lost consciousness while swimming.”

Carl Magnus Philip Bergqvist

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A hotel employee found the lifeless body of a 24-years-old Swedish man floating in the hotel pool. Police are now trying to find out what had caused the death.

The report came from an employee of a hotel on the island of Koh Chang in Trat province. “He had found the body and called rescue volunteers who then called us,” Pol Capt Uea-angun Gaeomueangglang from Koh Chang Provincial Police Station told Thairath.

When they arrived, police started their investigation into the case and quickly found that the deceased was a 24-years-old tourist from Sweden named Carl Magnus Philip Bergqvist. He had not been a guest at this hotel.

Pol Capt Uea-angun questioned the employee who had found the body. “At around midnight, I saw him with two or three other foreigners swimming in the pool. They all seemed quite drunk,” the employee, whose name was withheld by the police, said. “I decided not to go down.”

Some hours later, at 05:00 on Saturday morning, he decided to go to the pool area to check on them. “This is when I saw the body,” the employee sad. “He was floating face-down and wasn’t wearing a t-shirt.” With the help of another employee, he dragged the man out of the water but immediately realised that all help came too late. Mr Bergqvist was already dead.

Police briefly examined the body of the deceased and found no apparent injuries. They estimated he had been dead for around two to three hours. “We believe that Mr Bergqvist must have had a muscle cramp and subsequently died.”

Police are now going to question the friends of Mr Bergqvist who were with him on the night he died. According to a Facebook post , his friends had returned to their hotels while Mr Bergqvist decided to continue swimming alone.

Meanwhile, Koh Chang Hospital accepted the body and will perform an autopsy after the Swedish Embassy, and the relatives have been informed.


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Police consider foul play in the death of a 72-year-old Taiwanese man. He was found dead with a plastic bag over his head in his Bangkok apartment.

Wang Thonglang police were called to investigate the death of a foreigner in Palm Suite condominium in Soi Lad Phrao 80. When police went up to the fourth floor of the eight-storey building and gained access to room number 422, they the body.

The dead person who the police only named by his surname Liao was 72-years-old and a Taiwanese citizen. With his face down, he was bent over the mattress with his knees still on the ground. “It looked like he was praying,” a rescue volunteer commented the scene when asked at a later time.

Pol Lt Grietdisak Kiausalab, the officer from Wang Thonglang Police Station who is investigating the case, noted that the man had several plastic bags put over his head. “We found three white and four black plastic bags,” Pol Lt Grietdisak said. All bags were knotted around his neck so that no air could come in.

According to Pol Lt Grietdisak, the body had already begun to decompose, causing his body to bloat and to fill the room with an awful-smelling smell. Injuries or other signs that indicate that a crime might have taken place were not found in the room. It was estimated Mr Liao had been dead for around three days.

Police tracked down Ms Eh, the Thai girlfriend of Mr Liao. She said that her boyfriend was a businessman in the textile industry but had to struggle more and more to keep his business afloat. Both, Mr Liao and Ms Eh lived in separate homes.

On January 6, Ms Eh was surprised when he told him that they no longer need to see each other without giving any reason. “She went to his home, knocked, but nobody answered the door,” Pol Lt Grietdisak said. Ms Eh then went back home.

Six days later, on January 12, an employee of the apartment where Mr Liao was staying found the dead body and immediately called the police. Officers will now view available CCTV footage to see who entered or left the room and at what date.

Yang Dong

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One man died while another was injured following a motorbike crash in Phuket early this morning.

Two Chinese nationals, named Yang Dong, 36 and Hengquan Zhang, 22, were involved in the crash. They were found lying on the ground in pools of blood on Karon Rd near the Beyond Resort hotel at about 02:00.

“By the time the ambulance arrived, Mr Dong had already died,” said Pol Capt Weerayuth Thansirisukhaworakul, an investigator at Karon Provincial Police Station.

“Witnesses told us that Mr Dong and Mr Zhang were riding along when, all of a sudden, they lost control of their motorbikes, fell over and crashed. Mr Dong’s head smashed into an ‘under construction’ sign made of stone,” the officer continued.

Both were taken to Patong Hospital, but so far no one has been able to provide any information as to why they lost control of their bikes in the first place.

“We will question Mr Zhang after he has recovered to figure out exactly what happened,” Pol Capt Weerayuth said. “Meanwhile, we have asked doctors to check their blood-alcohol levels.”

Amir Hamzah Sulaiman

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A Turkish Airlines flight en route from Turkey to Malaysia made an emergency landing at Phuket International Airport after a passenger suffered a fatal heart attack.

The passenger, Malaysian national Amir Hamzah Sulaiman, 60, was pronounced dead by medical staff at Thalang Hospital, said Capt Kraisorn Boonprasop of Thalang Provincial Police Station.

The staff at Thalang Hospital reported Mr Sulaiman’s demise at 00:05, he confirmed to The Phuket News.

“Doctors stated heart attack as the cause of death, and there were no marks on his body to suggest otherwise,” Capt Kraisorn said.

“We were told that Mr Sulaiman suffered the attack and was unable to breathe while he was on the plane. The captain then requested to make an emergency landing at Phuket International Airport,” he explained.

The doctor stationed at the airport administered CPR, and Mr Sulaiman was transferred to Thalang Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

“We have notified the Malaysian authorities of the incident,” Capt Kraisorn added.