Unidentified female

Police were dispatched to Bangkok’s Hua Lamphong Railway Station after a foreign woman was found hanged in a lavatory of one of the trains.

Cleaning personnel at Hua Lamphong Railway Station had discovered the body of a young foreign woman hanged to a nylon string in one of the lavatories early Friday morning. “We found her in car number 10 of train #52,” Pol Capt Nadanai Loiklang, who is investigating the strange case, told reporters.

Train #52 commutes daily between Nakhon Lampang and Bangkok, leaving the northern province at 18:041 and terminating at Hua Lamphong in Bangkok at 05:45 the following day. “On this day, the train arrived in Bangkok at 05:20,” Pol Capt Nadanai said.

“It stood there until the cleaning personnel came at around 13:00 and prepared the train for its departure back to Nakhon Lampang at 13:30,” Pol Capt Nadanai stated. “When one of the cleaners went into the lavatory of car number 10, it was locked from the inside. She had to use a master key to unlock the door.”

The woman, whose identity and nationality are unknown or not published at this time, was sunken to the floor. An orange nylon string was wrapped around her neck and the other end attached to a steel bar on the window. Her age was estimated to be between 25 and 35.

An emergency physician stated that the unknown woman had several needle holes in the crook of her left arm. Pol Capt Nadanai: “It was a fresh wound because there was still coming blood out of it when we were examining her.” Forensic Police also discovered a cut, presumably from a knife, on her right hand.

In a backpack that lay close to the deceased woman, police only reported they found toiletries and makeup utensils. In the pocket of her pants, she was carrying a one-dollar note with her. All three items have been bagged as evidence.

Pol Capt Nadanai confirmed that the body of the dead foreigner had been transported to Police Hospital for an autopsy and to determine if the needle holes were, in fact, signs of drug abuse.

Editorial note: Police said the train departed at 10:00. However, the State Railway of Thailand’s official timetable shows that train number 52 leaves at 18:04.

Andrew Apperley

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An English tourist went missing after visiting the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan. Nine days later, his body was found, but details about the circumstances are still sparse.

The family of Andrew Apperley, 38, from Gloucester in England, was informed that the body of her missing son was found. However, a spokesperson for the Gloucestershire Police said that the circumstances of the death are unknown at this time.

Mr Apperley was staying at a hotel in Bophut on Koh Samui in Surat Thani province and took a speedboat to the neighbour island Koh Phangan to attend the Full Moon Party on February 12. He told his mother he would be returning the following morning, but the hotel reported him missing four days later.

A spokesman for Gloucestershire Police said: “Following inquiries with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) we can confirm that a body has been found in the search for Andrew Apperley.

Mr Apperley had flown into Koh Samui from Bangkok to go to the party on Koh Phangan, his brother told the BBC. Richard Apperley said his brother checked in on the morning of the party and left his passport and driving licence with the hotel reception.

Before going out, Andrew had a conversation with his mother Linda on WhatsApp and said he would be getting the boat back to the hotel the following morning. Staff at the Hotel ibis Samui Bophut confirmed earlier he had still not been seen and his documents were still in their possession.

Mrs Apperley sent several WhatsApp messages to her son’s mobile phone but did not get a delivery report to say he had received it. His bank told his family his cards had not been used since going to the party.

Brian David Way

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A 70-year-old man from England died alone in his house in Pattaya. Unknown to neighbours, he lay undiscovered for four days until someone checked up on him.

Pol Col Chachapon Patarasiripon at Mueang Pattaya Provincial Police Station told reporters, “We arrived at the house in the Ek Mon Kon Village 8 after a man called and reported the death of a foreigner at 15:00. The man said there was a strong putrid smell coming from within the house.”

Police officers and workers from the Swangboriboon Rescue Foundation were sent to the premises, Ek Mon Kon Village 8 – a gated community in Chon Buri’s Nong Prue subdistrict.

Police entered the building no. 62/25 where the deceased had been living. “We found a man lying face down on the floor of his bathroom,” Pol Col Chachapon said, adding: “We didn’t find any indications of violence.”

Police identified the man, Mr Brian David Way, from his passport. Based on the foul smell and the bloated body, police estimated he had died four days ago.

“The rooms in the house were completely messy,” Pol Col Chachapon said. “There was garbage on the floor, and it looks like nobody had cleaned up this place for a long time.” Between the trash, police found a drawer that was filled with pharmaceutical drugs.

Hewa Dueanpongrang, the 56-year-old man who had alerted the police, said he was a neighbour of Mr Way who was a long-time resident of Pattaya. According to him, Mr Way was married, but separated. His wife lived in another province. “Every day, I saw him in his house, but the last four days were different. I didn’t see him at all,” Mr Hewa said.

“I got the feeling that something was wrong when I passed his house that afternoon”, he continued. “That’s when I called the police.”

Pol Col Chachapon said, “We took photos of the body and the rooms and submitted them along with our report as evidence.”  The report says, Mr Way died of a “pre-existing medical condition” which is a term often used by the Thai Police when the cause of death is unknown, but natural causes are suspected.

Mr Way’s body has been sent  to Bang Lamung Hospital for a post-mortem. “His relatives and the British Embassy have already been informed of the death,” Pol Col Chachapon confirmed.

Unnamed female

A 50-year-old Canadian tourist has died after a tragic snorkelling accident on the island of Koh Tao.

According to Samui Times, who revealed no personal information about the deceased, the accident had occurred on the afternoon of February 16. The woman was snorkelling in a marked boat lane used by longtail boats to access the beach.

None of the eight people on board the boat saw the woman before she was hit by the boat. After the impact, the boat driver stopped and together with the passengers brought her on board and rendered first aid.

The local Koh Tao rescue teams were called and took her to the medical clinic on the island. She was later transferred to a hospital on Koh Samui where she sadly died later that night.

Her body has been sent to Koh Samui Hospital for an autopsy.

Roman Kothgabner

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A 54-year-old Austrian man was found dead in his apartment by his Thai wife. She was coming to pick him up for a visa run on Thursday.

Usa Glahan, 38, and her husband, Roman Kothgabner, had been married for five years, but lived separately in Udon Thani’s Tetsabannakon district. Mr Kothgabner had been living in Thailand for ten years. “She last saw him in on Wednesday evening after which she returned to her family’s home,” deputy investigator Pol Capt Jakrit Sirigongpan said.

According to Thai media, the couple had arranged to meet up the next day and travel to Laos in order to renew Mr Kothgabner’s visa. However, when his wife entered his house, she was shocked to find her husband dead on his bed. Mrs Usa immediately called the authorities.

Officers from Mueang Udon Thani Provincial Police Station arrived at the house shortly after 12:30. “The deceased was found dressed only in shorts. His chest was on the bed, his legs on the floor. There was fluid coming from his mouth and nostrils,” said Pol Capt Jakrit describing the position in which Mr Kothgabner was found. Emergency doctors estimated the victim had died about nine hours prior to discovery.

While inspecting the room, police found a large quantity of Thai herbal medications on a table. “His wife said that she was not aware that he had any serious illnesses. She told us that whenever he was sick, he would take herbal remedies,” explained Pol Capt Jakrit quoting Mr Kothgabner’s wife.

An interim report has determined that the most likely cause of death was cardiac arrest during the previous evening. “Mr Kothgabner’s body was taken to Udon Thani Hospital for an autopsy,” Pol Capt Jakrit confirmed. “That will confirm the actual cause of death.”