Brian David Way

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A 70-year-old man from England died alone in his house in Pattaya. Unknown to neighbours, he lay undiscovered for four days until someone checked up on him.

Pol Col Chachapon Patarasiripon at Mueang Pattaya Provincial Police Station told reporters, “We arrived at the house in the Ek Mon Kon Village 8 after a man called and reported the death of a foreigner at 15:00. The man said there was a strong putrid smell coming from within the house.”

Police officers and workers from the Swangboriboon Rescue Foundation were sent to the premises, Ek Mon Kon Village 8 – a gated community in Chon Buri’s Nong Prue subdistrict.

Police entered the building no. 62/25 where the deceased had been living. “We found a man lying face down on the floor of his bathroom,” Pol Col Chachapon said, adding: “We didn’t find any indications of violence.”

Police identified the man, Mr Brian David Way, from his passport. Based on the foul smell and the bloated body, police estimated he had died four days ago.

“The rooms in the house were completely messy,” Pol Col Chachapon said. “There was garbage on the floor, and it looks like nobody had cleaned up this place for a long time.” Between the trash, police found a drawer that was filled with pharmaceutical drugs.

Hewa Dueanpongrang, the 56-year-old man who had alerted the police, said he was a neighbour of Mr Way who was a long-time resident of Pattaya. According to him, Mr Way was married, but separated. His wife lived in another province. “Every day, I saw him in his house, but the last four days were different. I didn’t see him at all,” Mr Hewa said.

“I got the feeling that something was wrong when I passed his house that afternoon”, he continued. “That’s when I called the police.”

Pol Col Chachapon said, “We took photos of the body and the rooms and submitted them along with our report as evidence.”  The report says, Mr Way died of a “pre-existing medical condition” which is a term often used by the Thai Police when the cause of death is unknown, but natural causes are suspected.

Mr Way’s body has been sent  to Bang Lamung Hospital for a post-mortem. “His relatives and the British Embassy have already been informed of the death,” Pol Col Chachapon confirmed.

Roman Kothgabner

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A 54-year-old Austrian man was found dead in his apartment by his Thai wife. She was coming to pick him up for a visa run on Thursday.

Usa Glahan, 38, and her husband, Roman Kothgabner, had been married for five years, but lived separately in Udon Thani’s Tetsabannakon district. Mr Kothgabner had been living in Thailand for ten years. “She last saw him in on Wednesday evening after which she returned to her family’s home,” deputy investigator Pol Capt Jakrit Sirigongpan said.

According to Thai media, the couple had arranged to meet up the next day and travel to Laos in order to renew Mr Kothgabner’s visa. However, when his wife entered his house, she was shocked to find her husband dead on his bed. Mrs Usa immediately called the authorities.

Officers from Mueang Udon Thani Provincial Police Station arrived at the house shortly after 12:30. “The deceased was found dressed only in shorts. His chest was on the bed, his legs on the floor. There was fluid coming from his mouth and nostrils,” said Pol Capt Jakrit describing the position in which Mr Kothgabner was found. Emergency doctors estimated the victim had died about nine hours prior to discovery.

While inspecting the room, police found a large quantity of Thai herbal medications on a table. “His wife said that she was not aware that he had any serious illnesses. She told us that whenever he was sick, he would take herbal remedies,” explained Pol Capt Jakrit quoting Mr Kothgabner’s wife.

An interim report has determined that the most likely cause of death was cardiac arrest during the previous evening. “Mr Kothgabner’s body was taken to Udon Thani Hospital for an autopsy,” Pol Capt Jakrit confirmed. “That will confirm the actual cause of death.”

Dinar Davletbaev

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A 30-storey high condominium in Pattaya became the scene for yet another foreign death. The victim turned out to be a Russian in his late twenties.

“A maid who was watering the plants around the condominium came upon the body and called us immediately,” said Pol Capt Niwad Paengkaen, a deputy investigator at Mueang Pattaya Provincial Police Station. He arrived at the scene of the incident Thursday morning.

Behind a 30-storey high condominium, police discovered the dead body of Dinar Davletbaev, a 29-year-old tourist from Russia. “He wasn’t wearing a t-shirt, only short jeans,” Pol Capt Niwad confirmed. In Mr Davletbaev’s pockets, police found cigarettes and a small amount of cash. On-site physicians determined that the fall broke his skull and fractured both his arms and that he had died for at least three to four hours before his body was discovered.

So far, police have refused to name the condominium where the incident took place and several Thai news media have erroneously reported that the building in question was located in Nong Prue subdistrict in Mu 12 on the Beach Road at Jomtien Beach: despite the fact that that subdistrict is at least three kilometres away from the beach.

Officers entering apt. no. 423 on the 12th floor, from where they believe Mr Davletbaev had jumped, found a pair of slippers, an AESUS tablet and a lighter. Police officers collected all these items as evidence.

After analysing the CCTV footage from the area, Pol Capt Niwad learned that Mr Davletbaev had left his apt. early on Thursday morning at 02:18. “He climbed over a window ledge and sat on a balcony like he was catching some fresh air,” the investigator explained. “But then he fell or jumped.”

Ms Chom, the maid who found the body, revealed to police that Mr Davletbaev was visited by another Russian shortly before he died. “He brought a note with an unknown telephone number written on it.”

Several Thai media reports have confused the time line by saying Mr Davletbaev’s visitor left the apt. with an unknown Thai woman shortly before the incident, while at the same time suggesting that these visitors were actually staying with Mr Davletbaev.

Police requested an interpreter who called the number on the note that had been given to Mr Davletbaev. “A Russian man answered,” Pol Capt Niwad said, “He was still unaware of the death and broke down in tears after we told him.”

The friend who visited Mr Davletbaev shortly before his death did not wish to be named publicly, and later told police that he and his Thai girlfriend were at Mr Davletbaev’s apartment on the evening of February 15 through to February 16. At one point, Davletbaev left his room to allow his two visitors some privacy. Neither heard the sound of the impact in the early morning.

When the couple woke up in the morning to find Mr Davletbaev absent, they thought he might have gone out and would return later. The two of them went to the pool until notified of the death by the police.

“We’re not yet sure whether this was an accident or suicide,” Pol Capt Niwad said. “We will wait for the autopsy report and talk to more witnesses to determine the circumstances surrounding the death.”

Liudmila Khabarova

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An attempt to cross a dimly-lit road by an elderly Russian woman in Chon Buri ended with her death. She was run over by a car shortly after midnight.

It was the driver of the car herself who informed the police of the fatal accident in Chon Buri’s Bang Sa-Re subdistrict. “A female driver called us and said she had hit a foreign woman with her car and believed she was dead,” Pol Capt Sinsamut Buntatsana of Sattahip Provincial Police Station said.

The crash happened at kilometre marker 165 on Sukhumvit Rd near Ban Bang Sa-Re Community School in Bang-Sa-Re, Sattahip, Chon Buri province. The victim was 74-year-old Liudmila Khabarova. “She had sustained a series of broken bones all over her body and died on the spot,” Pol Capt Sinsamut stated.

Approximately 100 metres from the accident, police found the driver’s heavily damaged bronze Toyota Vios: license plate กค 4796 Trat. “The hood and the windshield on the passenger side were completely caved in,” said Pol Capt Sinsamut. “And strands of the victim’s hair and blood were clearly visible to police at the scene.”

The driver, 39-year-old Ms Lamai Ongkaloy, was standing next to her car when police arrived, but ended up fainting from severe shock. Pol Capt Sinsamut: “Once she recovered, we were able to ask her some important questions. In fact, Ms Lamai had been returning from a trip to see her father at the Bangkok Hospital in Pattaya.

Pol Capt Sinsamut said the driver described the part of the road where the impact occurred as being very poorly lit and claimed she was unable to anticipate or see the victim jump out into the road. Nevertheless, police have charged her with causing a death through reckless driving.

Lei Cuuan

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In Patong, Phuket, on Wednesday evening, the lifeless body of a 21-year-old Chinese tourist was discovered in a resort swimming pool. Police assume he had drowned.

At 20:15 on Wednesday, Pol Lt Col Wirapong Rakkido of Patong Provincial Police Station received a report from the staff at Patong Hospital notifying him that the dead body of a Chinese tourist had arrived following an incident at the & Resort and Spa in Phuket’s Patong subdistrict.

When Pol Lt Col Wirapong arrived shortly after, Patong Hospital staff told him that they had received a call notifying them that a Chinese man, who had been found face down in a swimming pool, was on the way to the hospital. “The man was identified as 21-year-old Mr Lei Cuuan,” Pol Lt Col Wirapong said according to The Phuket News.

Despite efforts to save the life of the young tourist, emergency workers, who tried to perform CPR on the way to the hospital, were unsuccessful. “Doctors pronounced him dead on arrival,” Pol Lt Col Wirapong said, adding; “They said that the cause of death was drowning which sounds probable since there were no signs of assault on the man’s body.”.

Police went to the C&N Resort and Spa where Mr Lei was staying to view CCTV footage of the pool area. “It showed Mr Lei entering the pool alone at 18:16,” Pol Lt Col Wirapong said. “At 18:24, a guest at the resort noticed that Mr Lei was floating face down and motionless on the surface of the pool.”

The Phuket News spoke to the Superintendent of Patong Provincial Police Station, Pol Col Chaiwat Uikam, who confirmed these facts. “We are still investigating this case though the CCTV footage shows Mr Lei in the pool alone.”

When asked what the CCTV footage showed in the eight minutes Mr Lei entered the pool until his body was found, Pol Col Chaiwat said that they have to view the footage again. “For now, we believe that Mr Lei drowned.  In the meantime, we continue our investigation and will release our official report in due course.”

Patong Hospital has been asked to conduct a post-mortem examination to confirm the cause of death.