Donni Peter Arnold

The heat wave currently sweeping through Thailand was too much for a Swiss expatriate in his 50’s. He was found dead after suffering a heat stroke in his house in Tak.

The death was reported to Mueang Provincial Police Station in Tak province on Thursday morning at around 7:30. A friend had found the man and called the authorities who quickly rushed to the house located at Thaichana Rd.

Laying on the sofa in his living room, the man, who was identified as 54-year-old Donni Peter Arnold from Switzerland, already showed signs of rigour mortis. “He must have been dead for at least 12 hours,” the investigating officer Pol Capt Pisan Braparat said.

“We found him wearing a black t-shirt and jeans shorts. We could not see any signs of violence,” the officer went on. “We assume that he died of a heat stroke.”

Through the statement of Mr Anold’s friend who had discovered the body earlier, police learned that Mr Arnold was disabled and an alcoholic. Due to his massive alcohol consumption, Mr Arnold was suffering from cirrhosis, a condition in which the liver does not function properly. A few days before his death, Mr Arnold had been to Taksin Hospital for treating his disease, the friend explained.

For the past years, Mr Arnold lived in the district Ban Tak and was married to a local woman. After the couple divorced about one year ago, Mr Arnold rented a house in Mueang district and had been living there until his death. “One of his hobbies was keeping steers on a plot that he had rented from someone in the village,” Pol Capt Pisan found out.

Mr Arnold’s friend told police that Mr Arnold would look after his four cows on a daily basis. When he did not show up one day before he was discovered, the friend became concerned. The next day, he went to Mr Arnold’s house to check on him. He then found his friend lying dead on the sofa.

“We assume Mr Arnold died of a heat stroke,” Pol Capt Pisan said, adding that this is yet to be confirmed during the autopsy. “The temperatures in Tak have been sweltering lately, sometimes reaching 38 to 40 degrees Celsius. The combination of the heat and his alcohol consumption could have caused the heat stroke since alcohol deprives the body of water,” Pol Capt Pisan explained his assumption.

Rescue workers brought the body to Taksin Hospital for further proceedings. The Swiss Embassy in Bangkok has been notified and is now contacting the relatives of Mr Arnold.

Dean Kelsey Chapman

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Phuket police discovered a 49-year-old Canadian tourist who was found dead in his apartment. He is believed to have been dead for at least two days.

Officers at Kathu Provincial Police Station received a report of the incident at about 11:00 from Plus Condominium 1 in Kathu subdistrict of Phuket province. Pol Cpt Wichod Mipop was assigned to investigate the case.

A peculiar smell on the 6th floor led police to an apartment rented by the 49-year-old Canadian Dean Kelsey Chapman. “When we opened the door, we found the victim’s body lying face-up on the bed,” Pol Cpt Wichod said to Phuket Gazette.

Upon examining the scene, police found a cellphone on his chest and a list of hospital emergency numbers. A “Tripadvisor Travel Correspondent” card was also found in his room, in addition to various medicines and vitamins.

“There was blood on his face, but we found no sign of a struggle on his body,” the investigator said. “We talked to a Phuket agent who helped him out during his trip. He told us that the victim, who was suffering from cancer, had arrived in Thailand on November 1, 2016, and was scheduled to return to Alberta on March 31.”

When a friend of Mr Chapman’s came to visit, he found him dead on his bed. He was wearing a navy-blue t-shirt and black shorts. An emergency physician who was also at the scene said Mr Chapman had been dead for at least two days.

A security guard at the condominium complex testified that he last saw Mr Chapman on Sunday morning at about 09:00.

“The cause of death is unknown until doctors have examined the body”, Pol Cpt Wichod said. “At this stage, we believe that it was due to health issues.”

Rescue volunteers from the Gusontam Phuket Foundation brought the body to Vachira Phuket Hospital. Police notified the Canadian Embassy of Mr Chapman’s death.

Peter John William

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A swarm of bees became deadly for an elderly Australian man. He was stung to death while the village was preparing food and accidently destroyed a beehive.

Chiang Kham Provincial Police Station was informed of the unusual incident on Saturday morning at around 11:00. Pol Capt Bandit Mutdimanka, who is leading the investigation, and additional officers were dispatched to the scene.

According to police, the incident had taken place in Ban Krai Baka village in Phayao’s Nam Wae subdistrict. “We found the man at house 188 where he lived,” Pol Capt Bandit said. “The body was covered with numerous red and green bruise marks all over his body.”

During the investigation, police identified the man as Peter John William, a 64-year-old Australian. The investigator spoke to Ammasawan Wongganta, a resident of the village whose house was close to Mr William’s.

“She told us that the village was preparing food for oblation when the heat of the grill and the thick smoke busted a beehive”, Pol Capt Bandit quoted the neighbour. The villagers then panicked and fled. Mr William did not run but tried to hide from the provoked swarm under a tree.

Eventually, the bees discovered Mr William and attacked him until he was no longer able to breathe. When the attack was over, a relative of Mrs Ammasawan tried to rush Mr William to a nearby hospital but had to give up. He had already died.

Denis Filipov

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A Russian tourist lost his life on Pattaya’s Beach Rd after he was fatally hit by a car driven by another Russian.

“I didn’t see him,” Nikolajs Latvigas, 35, said shortly after the crash to officers from Mueang Pattaya Provincial Police Station. Minutes before, his car, a white Chevrolet Cruze, had hit a man in his late 20’s who was walking on Beach Rd.

In fact, the impact of the collision was so heavy that the tourist, a 41-year-old Russian named as Denis Filipov, was thrown several metres across the road. The body ended up under the front wheel of a parked bus at the side of the road belonging to Kaset Bundit University. Sawang Boriboon rescue workers, who arrived quickly at the scene, came too late – Mr Filipov was already dead.

The fatal crash occurred at 02:30 early Friday morning on Beach Rd in Pattaya close to the Now Hotel in Chon Buri’s Nong Prue subdistrict.

Ratasaet Saewee witnessed the accident from a nearby restaurant. The 29-year-old Thai told police that he had seen Mr Filipov walking down the street and making a video call, but thought nothing of it. Only moments later, the white Chevrolet crashed into Mr Filipov from behind.

In a video uploaded to YouTube showing the aftermath of the accident, an open can of beer is seen in Mr Latvigas’ car. Police said they also found a bottle of spirits without providing further details. Mr Latviga was given an alcohol breath test, but police are have not yet revealed the result.

Officers at Mueang Pattaya Provincial Police Station are now trying to establish the identity of the man so that the Russian Embassy can be informed of the deadly accident.


Stuart Railton

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Police in Udon Thani are trying to connect the dots in an apparent falling accident of a British tourist. He died after plunging from his apartment balcony on the 4th floor.

A sudden thud coming from the parking lot of the Top Mansion in Udon Thani’s Mak Khaeng subdistrict at 04:45 early Wednesday morning made one of the apartment building’s security guards suspicious. “We thought a signboard had fallen off,” Pichit Burawad, 44, remembered.

When Mr Pichit and the receptionist of the building went around the building to see what had caused the strange sound, they quickly realised that they were wrong. “On the ground of the parking area, we discovered the body of a foreigner,” Mr Pichit told Pol Lt Ginyotin Sapsin, an investigator from Mueang Udon Thani Provincial Police Station.

The man, who police later identified as Mr Stuart Railton, 54, from England, lay dead on the asphalt next to the building, a pool of blood surrounding his head. A forensic doctor from Udon Thani Hospital who accompanied the officers briefly examined the body and noted fractures to the neck, skull and the left arm.

“We inspected room no. 420 on the 4th floor where Mr Railton had been staying,” Pol Lt Ginyotin said. Officers did not find any traces of violence but noted a significant amount of urine on the balcony. “We believe that the deceased was drunk and fell while he was urinating on or from the balcony,” the investigator speculated.

Police also found two bottles of an unknown pharmaceutical drug in the fridge and collected them as evidence. “We’re going to send the bottles to the lab to determine what kind of medicine it contains,” Pol Lt Ginyotin added.

Further questioning of the Top Mansion staff revealed that Mr Railton was a frequent visitor of a karaoke bar in Soi Samphan Thamit. “On the day of the incident, Mr Railton came back alone from the bar at around 03:20 and went up to his room as usual,” Pol Lt Ginyotin said.

Rescue workers of the Songsaroem Udon Thani Foundation brought the body to Udon Thani Hospital to establish the official cause of death. Police have contacted the British Embassy in Bangkok and reported the tragic accident.