About Farang Deaths

Started in October 2015, Farang Deaths is a non-commercial project dedicated to documenting all cases of death of foreign nationals in Thailand.

Each incident that has been made public will be followed by an objective report that summarises the circumstances surrounding the case, usually derivatives from articles already published in the local and international news media.

Even though Farang Deaths is eager to provide accurate reports that only state proven facts, mistakes can occur. If you believe to have found one, please take a minute to draw attention to it via the contact form.


At this stage, Farang Deaths mostly depends on reports published in English, Thai and German news media.

This is a disadvantage since only a limited amount of all cases in which foreigners have passed away in Thailand is being published in the press. Furthermore, foreign governments and consulates usually do not to share this information with the public (read more about Farang Deaths‘ accuracy).

That is why Farang Deaths is grateful for submissions from individuals that can provide a detailed account on recent cases and by thus helping Farang Deaths to draw a more accurate picture on foreign nationals who have died in the Kingdom.

An incomplete list of often used sources can be found at this link.

Questions and answers

Why is there often Thai script used in reports?

To improve accuracy and make it easy for readers to gather more information about a case, Farang Deaths adds names of provinces, amphoes, tambons and relevant persons in Thai script where possible.

Objecting publication of specific information

The aim of Farang Deaths is to give an uncensored overview of how many foreigners die in Thailand and the circumstances surrounding the cases. However, Farang Deaths also respects the privacy of victims and relatives. If a family member or person close to the victim does not wish specific information to be public, Farang Deaths will respect their wishes.

Please note that this does not mean that confirmed cases are not being published at all. Only information can concern the privacy of individuals can be omitted, for example, the full name, the cause of death or the exact location of the incident.

What does Farang Deaths mean

Before Farang Deaths was started in October 2015, it was run as a Tumblr blog named Farang Exits for several years (the person managing the blog has no connection to this project).

Being exact, Farang – which is a colloquial term for Westerners – is misleading since it excludes people from other parts of the world (Farang Deaths documents all cases of foreigners in Thailand, regardless of their nationality). However, the term remained and was used in the relaunched project because many expats in Thailand have become familiar with it.

Copyright claims

If you are the owner or legal representative of a website or the author of an article Farang Deaths uses excerpts from and do not wish your content to be published here, please contact the administrator. The corresponding passages will then be removed, and Farang Deaths will refrain from using this source in the future. The same applies to photographs and images.

Becoming a regular contributor

If you are interested in becoming a regular contributor to Farang Deaths, feel free to contact us. After providing at least one sample report, you will then be able to register an account and create your own case reports. More information and guidelines will be given during the process.

Bugs and technical issues with the website

Since this site is based on a custom theme created for Farang Deaths, bugs, and technical errors are possible. In order to get the issue fixed, please report any technical issues via the contact form.

Other questions

Has your question not been answered here? Feel free to contact Farang Deaths via the provided contact form or directly via info@farang-deaths.com.