August 14, 2017

Andrew Fenwick

A 66-year-old Australian man died at his home while trying to fix his swimming pool’s water pump. Sadly, his 10-year-old Thai son also died in the tragic accident.

The unfortunate electrocution took place at house no. 99/1 inside Toem Sap Natural Home, a gated community in the Noen Phra subdistrict of Rayong province. Rescue workers of the Sawang Pornkuson Foundation were the first to arrive at the scene  and subsequently notified the Mueang Rayong Provincial Police Station of the death of two foreigners at 16:30.

When police team arrived at the two-storey house, they were led to the swimming pool  by rescue workers. “About five metres next to the pool, we found the bodies of a foreign man and a male child lying in front of a storage room where the water pump was,”  said deputy investigator Pol Capt Gawiwut Bunrueang describing the scene.

The visibly distressed wife, Somruedi Kailop Fenwick, 41, told police that the two victims were her husband and son. “They were identified as Andrew Fenwick, 66, and Jason Krailop Fenwick, 10,” Pol Capt Gawiwut told reporters who quickly gathered outside the home. “Mr Fenwick was an Australian national, his son Jason was born in Thailand and held Thai citizenship.”

According to Pol Capt Gawiwut, Mr Fenwick was still holding a metal wrench in his right hand when he died. His son’s left hand was found clinging to an iron gate which led to the storage room which contained a three horsepower water pump. “The little boy had traces of burns on his left hand, body and face,” the investigator said.

A medical examiner from Rayong Hospital briefly examined the body and concluded both victims had been dead for at least three hours before police arrived. Rescue volunteers had to cut off the power supply in the pool area in order to safely remove the bodies and take them to Rayong Hospital for an autopsy.

In a preliminary report, investigator Pol Capt Gawiwut wrote that Mr Fenwick was electrocuted during his attempt to fix the swimming pool’s water pump when a leak sprung among the cables. When his son Jason saw that his father was in danger, he rushed to his help and was also electrocuted – the wet floor acting as a conductor.

Pol Capt Gawiwut questioned Mr Fenwick’s wife who was in a state of shock. “Mrs Fenwick told us that she was not at home at the time of the incident because she was attending a meeting at the Tamarind Garden Hotel in Rayong. Only after a neighbour called and told her that her husband and son had been electrocuted did she rush the three kilometres from the hotel back to her home. She broke down in tears when she discovered what had happened to her loved ones and had to be be calmed down by medical staff.”

Shortly after the fatal incident took place, a 51-year-old security guard at the Toem Sap Natural Home housing estate, Gomin Jitiworapan, was patrolling the area and noticed the door of the Fenwick’s family house was standing wide-open.

Mr Gomin told police he saw a young boy, Mr Simon’s youngest son Justin, 4, running towards him. He was crying for help and saying that his father had just died. The guard immediately alerted rescue services.

Mr Fenwick was originally born in Devizes, a market town in the south of England. He eventually moved to Australia and obtained Australian citizenship. After he retired, he moved to Thailand and married Mrs Somruedi who gave birth to two sons Jason and Justin. The following post was posted on Facebook by Ning Fenwick on Thursday, August 15, 2017:

“We will be together forever! I’ll talk to you everyday will look at you everyday🌹
#Love you forever Jason Fenwick Andrew Fenwick”

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Case Details

Source ThaiPBS
Date of Death: August 14, 2017
Last Edited: 7 months ago
Age: 66 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: Australian
Cause of Death: Electrocution
Province: Rayong
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