March 2, 2017

Andrew Ronald Whitecross

After years of struggling with cancer, a 68-year-old Briton has now lost the fight. He died alone in a hotel room in Phuket province.

Police officers did not know what to expect when they were called to a hotel named The Plantation on Thursday evening at about 17:50. “We were only told that a foreigner had died in his room,” Pol Lt Col Somnig Dagaeo, who is heading the investigation, told The Phuket News.

Supported by volunteers of the local rescue foundation, police went to the hotel where the man had been staying. The Plantation is located about 120 metres from Kamala Bay in Kamala subdistrict, Kathu district, in the west of the province.

When officers entered the room, they found the motionless body of an elderly western foreigner lying face up on the bed. “We identified him as Andrew Ronald Whitecross, 68. He was from England,” Pol Lt Col Somnig revealed. “He was wearing shorts and a green t-shirt,” the investigator added.

“We briefly examined Mr Whitecross’ body, but we did not find any visible injuries or signs of a struggle that might indicate that a crime had taken place.” A thorough inspection of the room where the man had lived did not show anything out of the ordinary as well, leading police to shift their focus to a possible deadly health condition.

Soon after Pol Lt Col Somnig has started his investigation, he was proven right. “Mr Whitecross had been suffering from terminal cancer,” a nurse named Amonrad Ginggaeo, who regularly took care of Mr Whitecross’ condition, told police. His wife, Ubonwan Duangong, confirmed the statement.

“We were told that Mr Whitecross always carried a document with him that explicitly states that he is suffering from terminal cancer that had already spread to his lungs and lymph nodes,” Pol Lt Col Somnig revealed.

Despite having little chance of surviving, Mr Whitecross agreed to chemotherapy and radiation therapy. He was treated for the last time one month before his death from February 2 to February 10. “The rest of the month he spent in his hotel room where he died on March 2 at about 16:00,” Pol Lt Col Somnig summarised the events.

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Case Details

Source The Phuket News
Date of Death: March 2, 2017
Last Edited: 2 years ago
Age: 68 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: British
Cause of Death: Cancer
Province: Phuket
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