November 17, 2017

Arne Larsen

The girlfriend of a Norwegian man went out of their house to go to the market. But when she returned, she found her 68-year-old boyfriend dead on the bed. Uttaradit police have yet to determine the cause of death.

The incident took place on the evening of Friday, November 17, in Ban Pueng Village, officially named Moo 10, in the subdistrict and district Tha Pla close to the Wat Hat Lang temple. According to the girlfriend, who asked for her name not to be published, her boyfriend was the only one in the house when he died.

Rescue volunteers of the Wat Mon Mai Foundation discovered the man in the bedroom after the girlfriend notified authorities. His passport identified the deceased as Arne Larsen, a 68-year-old Norwegian who had lived and worked in Oslo since 1986. On one of his public Facebook profiles, he stated that he retired and moved to Thailand in 2011.

After entering the bedroom of the house, rescuers found Mr Larsen lying sideways on his bed wearing nothing but his underwear, an initial report stated. However, investigators of Tha Pla Provincial Police who arrived later did not find any visible signs of violence.

ONBnews, the online news website which published an undetailed article about Mr Larsen’s death, contacted an unnamed officer at Tha Pla Provincial Police who is involved in the investigation of the case. He provided the girlfriend’s side of the story.

According to her, Mr Larsen had recently returned from a trip to Oslo in his native country. He then travelled to Pattaya where his girlfriend apparently worked but was told that she had gone back to her hometown in Uttaradit province. After multiple phone calls, she finally agreed to meet and stay with her at her house in Ban Pueng Village.

Since Mr Larsen had just returned from his freezing home country, he was struggling with the heat and took off almost all of his clothes, the girlfriend explained during her interview with investigators. Police did not provide any more information regarding the personal relationship between the two.

Friday morning, only a few days after Mr Larsen had come to visit her, she reportedly went out to continue to sell goods at the local market. When she returned home in the evening, she found her boyfriend dead on his bed and immediately called for rescue.

Police, volunteers and a doctor from Tha Pla Hospital transported the body to a hospital in Phitsanulok province where pathologists will carry out a post-mortem examination to determine the cause of death. The Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok has already been notified of Mr Larsen’s death.

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Case Details

Source ONB news
Date of Death: November 17, 2017
Last Edited: 3 weeks ago
Age: 68 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: Norwegian
Cause of Death: Unknown
Province: Uttaradit
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