April 29, 2017

Bryan Patrick Ranger

Only four months after he opened a language school, an English teacher was found dead inside his apartment in Chon Buri province.

The man’s personal interpreter, Tananad Siya-ngo, and her Japanese husband reported the death on Sunday morning at around 9:30. They both found the body in the teacher’s apartment in the Nong Tamlung subdistrict of Chon Buri province after he repeatedly failed to answer the door.

In a statement from Phan Thong Provincial Police Station, the deceased was identified as 51-year-old Bryan Patrick Ranger from England. “We found Mr Ranger on the floor of his apartment wearing only black boxers,” said Pol Capt Bragat Yadi who is investigating the case. “We did not find any signs of violence in his room or on his body,” the officer added.

According to the initial police report, Mr Ranger had opened a private English language school in the area four months earlier. Mrs Tananad and her husband live in the same apartment building. She was hired by Mr Ranger to assist him with his daily tasks and undertake Thai and English translations.

Mrs Tananad told police that the two had talked about Mr Ranger’s heart disease shortly before his death. She quoted him as saying, “I don’t know how much longer I can live”. According to Mrs Tananad, Mr Ranger reportedly refused to see a doctor despite the seriousness of his state of health, but apparently took his medication regularly.

Pol Capt Bragat confirmed that volunteers of the Thamratsami Manirat Foundation sent Mr Ranger’s body to Phan Thong Hospital for a post-mortem which will reveal the exact cause of death. The British Embassy in Bangkok has been notified of the death and is in the process of contacting Mr Ranger’s next of kin.

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Case Details

Source Thairath
Date of Death: April 29, 2017
Last Edited: 2 years ago
Age: 51 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: British
Cause of Death: Heart disease
Province: Chon Buri
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