July 7, 2017

Carl Leonard Alexis Lofqvist

A walk to the toilet in the middle of the night ended in a shock for an owner of a townhouse in Bangkok. When he saw blood dripping from his ceiling, he went to see what had happened in the room above, on the 2nd floor. He discovered the body of a foreigner who had plunged through the roof.

Police, a medical examiner from Ramathibodi Hospital and rescue workers of the Ruamkatanyu Foundation were dispatched at 03:30 to a townhouse in Soi 3 Phahonyothin. Deputy Investigator Pol Capt Sompon Chunun told the press: “We were contacted by a man who identified himself as Utai Utaisi. He is the owner of a house in that soi. Initially, he said that he had heard a crashing sound nearby which sounded like a car accident.”

While authorities were rushing towards the scene, the homeowner called the police back. “He said it was not a car crash as he’d originally thought. It was, in fact, a foreign man who had crashed through the roof of his house onto his upper floor,” Pol Capt Sompon revealed.

Police headed to Soi 3 Phahonyothin in Bangkok’s Samsen Nai subdistrict, which is less than a kilometre away from the BTS Station Sanam Pao, and stopped in front of house no. 17. The old, wooden townhouse is located between two modern condominiums with a very similar name; the eight-storey Silk Sanampao and The Silk Sanampao.

Mr Utai later told police that he had heard a crash nearby at some time after 3 in the morning. Thinking it was just a minor collision between two cars, he did not take it seriously. It was only when he went to the toilet shortly afterwards that he noticed blood dripping from the ceiling above him and became concerned. When he went up to the 2nd floor to find out the cause, he saw a man’s dead body and immediately informed the police.

When police arrived, officers, the medical examiner and rescue workers ascended to the second floor of the two-story building and found the body of a white foreign male lying face-up in a pool of blood. “He had been dead for less than an hour when we found him. Apart from his underwear, he was completely naked ,” said Pol Capt Sompon quoting the medical examiner’s findings. “He had sustained several fractures and a fatal wound to his head,”

Above him, a large part of the ceiling connected to the roof had caved in. Pieces of wood, insulating material and pieces of roof tiles were found on and around the body. “The man must have fallen from one of the two condominiums nearby and crashed through the ceiling of Mr Utai’s house.”

When Pol Capt Sompon interviewed employees of Silk Sanampao located on the left hand side of the house and managed to establish the identity of the deceased. “His name was Carl Leonard Alexis Lofqvist, 30, from Sweden who had been living in this condominium on the 7th floor,” confirmed Pol Capt Sompon to Post Today.

Police asked for a spare key and entered Mr Lofqvist’s room which has a balcony. Officers found a letter written in English, but refused to discuss its content at this time. “The room looked normal. We did not find any signs of a fight or struggle,” Pol Capt Sompon said.

“Nevertheless,” he continued, “we found some pharmaceutical tablets which a doctor from Ramathibodi Hospital identified as Olanzapine.” Olanzapine is an atypical antipsychotic drug often used to treat the symptoms of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. It can cause serious side effects such as depression, unusual behaviour, dizziness, difficulty walking and blurred vision.

As officers looked down from the balcony, they could see a hole in the roof of the house where Mr Lofqvist’s body was found. During the investigation, investigators interviewed neighbours and other residents of that area. Pol Capt Sompon stated: “One of the security guards told us that Mr Lofqvist often went out to ride his bicycle. He was also keen on improving his language skills by talking to his neighbours in Thai. He was seen as a friendly person among the area.”

At this time, Pol Capt Sompon said, it is too early to determine whether Mr Lofqvist’s fatal fall was a suicide or merely an accident. Rescue workers sent the body to Ramathibodi Hospital for an autopsy. “We still have to wait for the result before we drawing any conclusions,” Pol Capt Sompon said.

The Immigration Bureau and the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok have been contacted by police about Mr Lofqvist’s death.

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Case Details

Source Post Today
Date of Death: July 7, 2017
Last Edited: 1 month ago
Age: 30 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: Swedish
Cause of Death: Falling
Province: Bangkok
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