February 24, 2017

Christian Melzer

Hours after asking for directions to a hospital in a Facebook group, a German man died when he fell off onto an overpass in Bangkok and crashed his motorcycle.

An infection in the lower leg took Christian Melzer, 39, to the popular Facebook group BANGKOK EXPATS CLASSIFIEDS FORUM on Friday afternoon. Seeking help for his infection, he wrote: “Who can tell me a good, really good hospital which I can visit with Social Security??? Never mind in which area in BKK Ort around.”

“I have 6 months to fight with an infection and my hospital (Chalurat 9) not get it away … I have much pain and I don’t know what to do anymore …” A photo showing the severely infected area was attached to the post.

People replying to the post urged Mr Melzer to seek urgent medical attention. However, Mr Melzer claimed he had no money to pay for treatment and no private insurance. He replied: “Thank you for all the replies, but it seems I also can forget that. Even to change the allowed hospital by the social security take about one month … Don’t know what I can do more …”

Two hours later, at around 17:00, Mr Melzer was involved in a fatal accident. The online Thai news portal BaaBin.com reported that on the way to a hospital which had been recommended by a Facebook user, he collided with a road barrier. It is very common on Thai roads that two-wheeled vehicles use the narrow emergency lane to pass cars when traffic builds up.

Contact with the concrete barrier threw Mr Melzer onto the overpass after King Kaeo Rd, immediately before the junction leading to Min Buri and Suvarnabhumi Airport. He plummeted at least 15 metres deep onto a grassy field underneath the road. His motorcycle – a black Yamaha 1200cc with the license plate 1 กฌ 6953 Mahasarakham – was only lightly damaged and remained on the road.

Poh Tek Tung rescue volunteers immediately rushed to the scene but could not help the German expatriate. Even though he was wearing a crash helmet, police said he sustained several fractures and injuries that eventually led to his death.

Police checked the pockets of Mr Melzer, but did not find anything out of the ordinary. Among his belongings was a wallet, a pack of cigarettes, a mobile phone and a credit card. Officers also found his temporary driving licence which confirmed his identity.

Mr Melzer was very active on Facebook and was the owner of the Facebook page 123-Tools.

Lad Krabang Police assumed that Mr Melzer was driving up the road at high speed and at one point lost control of his motorcycle, leading him to collide with the barrier to his left side and throwing him off the overpass.

Police scheduled an autopsy to establish the exact cause of death. The German Embassy in Bangkok has been informed of Mr Melzer’s death.

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Case Details

Source Kom Chad Luek
Date of Death: February 24, 2017
Last Edited: 2 years ago
Age: 39 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: German
Cause of Death: Road accident
Province: Bangkok
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