April 17, 2017

Daniel Barcelona

A 63-year-old US national was found dead on Monday afternoon in a rented house in Nong Khai’s Mueang district, Manager Online reported.

The landlord of the one-storey apartment located on 103/3 Mu 2 in the Mi Chai subdistrict, Banja Fries, 47, dialled 191 after she had discovered the body of one of his tenants in his rented apartment. Police received the call at approximately 13:00, Mueang Nong Khai Provincial Police Station confirmed.

The American, who police later named as 63-year-old Daniel Barcelona, was found naked on the tiled floor of his bathroom. Pol Lt Col Bamrung Naebchidchai, the lead investigator on this case, said Mr Barcelona’s head showed signs of a head injury. A doctor from Nong Khai Hospital who accompanied police said he believed the American had been dead for at least 24 hours.

Investigator Pol Lt Col Bamrung questioned Ms Banja who reported that she had last seen the man on Saturday, April 15. On the following Monday afternoon, Ms Banja drove to Mr Barcelona’s house and saw that the door had was already open. The TV and the fan were both still running, she said according to Pol Lt Col Bamrung.

Fearing the worst, she then entered the apartment to check on her 63-year-old tenant. “As she was walking through the rooms, she already noticed a bad smell coming from inside the bathroom,” Pol Lt Col Bamrung quoted Ms Banja. “When she looked into the bathroom, she found Mr Barecolan’s already decomposing body.”

Even though police have not yet completed the investigation, Pol Lt Col Bamrung stated that all evidence indicates that the American slipped and then hit his head against the wall. “This would explain the wound on his head,” Pol Lt Col Bamrung added.

Officers at Mueang Nong Khai Provincial Police Station said that the US Embassy in Bangkok has already been informed of the unfortunate accident. Embassy officials are now in the process of contacting Mr Barcelona’s relatives for further actions.

Case Details

Source Matichon Online
Date of Death: April 17, 2017
Last Edited: 2 months ago
Age: 63 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Cause of Death: Accident
Province: Nong Khai
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