July 12, 2016

Daniel Moor

He was on the verge of moving back to his home country with his wife when things took a terrible twist, leaving a 56-year-old Swiss man dead.

What had once been used as a place to provide a living for a Swiss man and his Thai wife has now become the place of his death. Daniel Moor, a 56-year-old expatriate, was found dead inside the closed “Saeng Chan” restaurant on 77 Borirakbamrung Rd in Phang Nga’s Tai Chang subdistrict Tuesday at around 12:00.

Mr Moor’s body, Pol Capt Chadri Piankayai from Mueang Phang Nga Provincial Police Station said, was only discovered after residents had perceived a foul smell emanating from the shutdown restaurant. Arriving police officers and rescue volunteers found the entrance locked, forcing them to break down the door before going inside.

“Inside the bedroom of the shophouse, they discovered the body of Mr Moor,” deputy investigator Pol Capt Chadri told the media. “He was lying on his side, wearing a cream-coloured t-shirt and also cream-coloured capri pants.”

Doctors briefly examined the corpse and did not notice any signs of rigor mortis. They estimated the man to had been dead for at least four days. Police could not find any suspicious circumstances stating that a fight might have taken a place inside one of the rooms. “We’re going to get in touch with Mr Moor’s wife, who is currently in Roi Et province,” Pol Capt Chadri said.

Throughout the early investigation, police found out that Mr Moor and his Thai wife had opened a local restaurant together. However, after the business became financially unviable, the pair decided to sell the shophouse and move back to Mr Moor’s native Switzerland at the end of July.

In early July, Mr Moor’s wife went to Roi Et. While she was away, the investigation revealed, Mr Moor was involved in a road accident while riding his scooter on July 8. Arriving police noticed Mr Moor had been over the legal alcohol limit when the accident occurred.

The driver of the car Mr Moor collided with initially demanded 30,000 baht in compensation. However, the amount was bargained down to 3,000 by Mr Moor, claiming he was short of money. Police then set a date to solve the matter legally at the police station and sent him home.

The injuries sustained during the accident, Pol Capt Chadri concludes, might have been more severe than initially expected. “He probably died from internal damages,” he said. A post-mortem examination scheduled for this week is supposed to be conducted at Phang Nga Hospital.

Note: Some media say Mr Moor was Swiss whereas others indicate he was a Swedish national.

Note: If you are related to the victim of this report and would like certain details to be not publicly available, please contact us . Please understand that we will not remove an entire article or the name of the person.

Case Details

Source Manager Online
Date of Death: July 12, 2016
Last Edited: 3 years ago
Age: 56 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: Swiss
Cause of Death: Road accident
Province: Phang Nga
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