April 18, 2017

David Morton

A New Zealander was found dead in his townhouse in Bangkok on Monday night in what police believe was a suicide.

The dead man’s wife said she began to worry when her husband, David Morton, 51, repeatedly left her calls unanswered. She was so worried that she asked a man living nearby to check on him. Soon after entering the 2-storey house at 333/514 Soi 54 Sai Mai Rd in northern Bangkok, the neighbour, who asked to remain anonymous, found Mr Morton’s inert body in his office on the second floor.

The deceased was wearing a black t-shirt and navy blue shorts and discovered lying on the ground wearing a simple plastic bag on his head. This was made airtight around his neck with tape. A tube was pierced through the bag, connected to a large cylinder of nitrogen.

This type of device is sometimes called a “suicide bag”. It allows a person to commit suicide suffering the feeling of suffocation.  In a 2013 article in the American Journal of Forensic Medicine & Pathology, forensic pathologist Maria S. Madentzoglou is cited as saying, “The cause of death in such cases is normally attributed to asphyxia due to a deprivation of oxygen”.

Pol Capt Netasit Pattanagittipong, a Deputy Investigator at Sai Mai Police Station stated: “Near the body, we found a farewell letter written in English. In it, he revealed that he was suffering from personal as well as health-related problems and did not see any other way out other than to kill himself.”

He added that there were no visible traces of violence on his body and the suicide theory was supported by the doctor at the scene.

Consular officials at the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs later confirmed the incident and stated that they were investigating the tragedy to provide details to family members in his home country.

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Case Details

Source Kom Chad Luek
Date of Death: April 18, 2017
Last Edited: 2 years ago
Age: 51 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: New Zealander
Cause of Death: Suffocation
Province: Bangkok
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