July 1, 2018

Denison Qjwue Chye Seah

A retired businessman and cycling enthusiast was killed in a road accident in Chiang Mai after colliding with a 5-tonne lorry on Sunday.

The tragic incident happened on Highway 1269 in Chiang Mai’s Nong Kwai subdistrict. Rescue workers were notified of a road accident involving two cyclists and a lorry at 8:43 on Sunday morning.

In a moving photograph taken only minutes after the crash, a woman dressed in cycling clothing is seen leaning over a man lying in a pool of blood at the side of the road.

Official documents later identified the man as Denison Qjwue Chye Seah from Singapore. Reports did not reveal the name of the woman but stated she was Thai and in a relationship with the 57-year-old Mr Seah.

According to a German friend who often rode with him, Mr Seah had been living in Chiang Mai for at least eight years. He reportedly moved to Thailand when he – a businessman – retired.

However, on the day of his death, Mr Seah’s cycle companion was his Thai girlfriend. Witnesses said the two had been speeding down the right side of the road while staying behind the emergency lane to avoid the incoming traffic coming from the front.

When the couple reached a small village between the kilometre markers 15 and 16, a 5-tonne lorry exited a side street in reverse to get back on the road. When Mr Seah noticed the white, 6-wheeled Isuzu truck, he was too fast to stop in time and crashed into the front of the lorry.

Rescuers who arrived moments later rushed Mr Seah to a nearby hospital. However, after reaching the hospital, doctors declared Mr Seah dead on arrival. His girlfriend, however, did not sustain any injuries.

A friend of Mr Seah who was only named Justin, 55, told Shin Min Daily News that the couple was on their way to Samoeng Hospital in Samoeng district when the accident happened. He reportedly lived in Mae Hia subdistrict, four kilometres away from the scene of the crash.

In a report about the incident on AsiaOne.com, “a Thai national“ is being quoted: “He usually wakes up early at about 05:00 from Monday to Friday to train. He would usually rest on Sunday.”

According to Shin Min Daily News, Mr Seah took part in regular biking competitions and had many cycling partners both in Thailand and in Singapore. He last visited his home country in December 2017.

Mr Shea’s younger brother and his niece travelled to Thailand the following Monday to made preparations to bring Mr Seah’s body back to Singapore. The Singaporean Embassy in Bangkok has been notified of Mr Seah’s death.

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Case Details

Source CM108.com
Date of Death: July 1, 2018
Last Edited: 1 year ago
Age: 57 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: Singaporean
Cause of Death: Road accident
Province: Chiang Mai
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