February 16, 2017

Dinar Davletbaev

A 30-storey high condominium in Pattaya became the scene for yet another foreign death. The victim turned out to be a Russian in his late twenties.

“A maid who was watering the plants around the condominium came upon the body and called us immediately,” said Pol Capt Niwad Paengkaen, a deputy investigator at Mueang Pattaya Provincial Police Station. He arrived at the scene of the incident Thursday morning.

Behind a 30-storey high condominium, police discovered the dead body of Dinar Davletbaev, a 29-year-old tourist from Russia. “He wasn’t wearing a t-shirt, only short jeans,” Pol Capt Niwad confirmed. In Mr Davletbaev’s pockets, police found cigarettes and a small amount of cash. On-site physicians determined that the fall broke his skull and fractured both his arms and that he had died for at least three to four hours before his body was discovered.

So far, police have refused to name the condominium where the incident took place and several Thai news media have erroneously reported that the building in question was located in Nong Prue subdistrict in Mu 12 on the Beach Road at Jomtien Beach: despite the fact that that subdistrict is at least three kilometres away from the beach.

Officers entering apt. no. 423 on the 12th floor, from where they believe Mr Davletbaev had jumped, found a pair of slippers, an AESUS tablet and a lighter. Police officers collected all these items as evidence.

After analysing the CCTV footage from the area, Pol Capt Niwad learned that Mr Davletbaev had left his apt. early on Thursday morning at 02:18. “He climbed over a window ledge and sat on a balcony like he was catching some fresh air,” the investigator explained. “But then he fell or jumped.”

Ms Chom, the maid who found the body, revealed to police that Mr Davletbaev was visited by another Russian shortly before he died. “He brought a note with an unknown telephone number written on it.”

Several Thai media reports have confused the time line by saying Mr Davletbaev’s visitor left the apt. with an unknown Thai woman shortly before the incident, while at the same time suggesting that these visitors were actually staying with Mr Davletbaev.

Police requested an interpreter who called the number on the note that had been given to Mr Davletbaev. “A Russian man answered,” Pol Capt Niwad said, “He was still unaware of the death and broke down in tears after we told him.”

The friend who visited Mr Davletbaev shortly before his death did not wish to be named publicly, and later told police that he and his Thai girlfriend were at Mr Davletbaev’s apartment on the evening of February 15 through to February 16. At one point, Davletbaev left his room to allow his two visitors some privacy. Neither heard the sound of the impact in the early morning.

When the couple woke up in the morning to find Mr Davletbaev absent, they thought he might have gone out and would return later. The two of them went to the pool until notified of the death by the police.

“We’re not yet sure whether this was an accident or suicide,” Pol Capt Niwad said. “We will wait for the autopsy report and talk to more witnesses to determine the circumstances surrounding the death.”

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Case Details

Source Khaosod Online
Date of Death: February 16, 2017
Last Edited: 3 years ago
Age: 29 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: Russian
Cause of Death: Falling
Province: Chon Buri
Note: The displayed location might not be accurate. View on Google Maps »

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