July 4, 2016

Eddie James Wynne

A British citizen died a lonely death when he unnoticedly passed away in his Koh Samui apartment. His body was only found four days later.

Bo Phut Police Station was called by Mr Sunton Cha-umwan the landlord of an unnamed residential area located in Moo 5 Ban Plai Laem, Bo Phut subdistrict. He informed police that he had discovered one of her foreign tenants dead inside his apartment.

Deputy inspector Pol Capt Anrojanat Kiaojan, Pol Lt Col Denduang Tongsrisuk, deputy superintendent Pol Lt Col Apichad Jansamret and emergency doctors from Koh Samui Hospital made their way to the scene to inspect the scene. Accompanied were local rescue volunteers and Mr Sunton.

In front of apartment number 36/4 where the deceased had lived, police found a red and black Honda Click scooter. It was registered in Surat Thai province and carried the license plate 1กฆ-5040.

Before entering the room, officers experienced a sharp decay scent coming from inside the house. Police also noticed decomposition fluid leaking out underneath the door, indicating that death must have had occurred several days before.

The main entrance to the house was locked, the landlord had to use the master key to open up the door. However, even after unlocking, the door was not able to be fully opened since the body of the man was obstructing it. Rescue volunteers then had to remove the window to gain access to the room.

In front of the main door, the body of the man was found. A passport found in the room, which was filled with an awful smelling scent, identified him as 50-year-old Eddie James Wynne, a British citizen. He was lying face down on the floor only wearing grey shorts and no t-shirt.

Emergency doctors who briefly examined the body and did not find any visible injuries or signs of induced violence. They said that the heat and the bacteria inside the corpse had caused the body to bloat. Physicians estimated Mr Wynne had died about four days ago and had been lying inside his room since ever since.

When interrogating Mr Sunton, he told that Mr Wynne had been renting the apartment since May 9, 2016. He used to live alone and never had much contact with other residents, he said, adding that he saw him regularly riding his scooter cruising around.

Mr Sunton continued to tell police that Mr Wynne had a long-term friend with whom he used to meet up to drink together inside one of their apartments. The last time Mr Sunton saw Mr Wynne alive, he said, was at around midday on July 2. His scooter was never moved after that day.

On July 4, Mr Sunton reported to the police, he suddenly bad smell coming from Mr Wynne’s house. As he came closer, the smell turned into a decay scent which made him suspect an accident might have occurred. She then called the authorities.

Doctors from Koh Samui Hospital are yet unable to reveal the cause of death until more data has been collected. It is either not clear whether Mr Wynne was suffering from any pre-existing medical conditions or not. Koh Samui Hospital will conduct a thorough examination within the following days.

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Case Details

Source Daily News
Date of Death: July 4, 2016
Last Edited: 2 years ago
Age: 50 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: British
Cause of Death: Unknown
Province: Surat Thani
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