October 11, 2017

Edwin Ray McCann

Money had always been tight for a 54-year-old American national living in Phuket. After 12 months, when he was too broke to pay his rent or buy food, things got too much and he ended up committing suicide by jumping from the fourth floor of his condominium.

A neighbouring tenant discovery a gruesome scene while she was on her way to work at around 07:15 on Wednesday morning. On the ground behind the condo, she came across what turned out to be the body of a caucasian male surrounded by a pool of blood. She immediately called the police.

“We received the information at about 08:00,” said Pol Lt Col Tirasag Bunsaeng from Patong Provincial Police Station confirming notification of the incident. “Since we were told that the man has already died, we asked local rescue volunteers to accompany us together with a medical examiner from Patong Hospital.”

Describing the scene at a condominium on Phra Metta Rd in Phuket’s subdistrict Patong, police stated; “We found a white, middle-aged man lying with his face up in a concrete area only a few metres from the condominium building.”

The man was later identified as 58-year-old American Edwin Ray McCann. Police learned that Mr McCann had been renting his apartment for the last 12 months but had fallen on hard times. The manager of the condominium told officers that Mr McCann had not been able to pay the rent for his room and in his final days, he could not even afford regular meals.

Medical examiner Dr Sitatcha Wongkom from Patong Hospital briefly examined the body and noted, among other things, a broken neck and a fractured spine. Dr Sitatcha estimated the time of death to be two to three hours before police arrived.

It later transpired that Mr McCann had been awake in the early hours of that same morning. Footage obtained from the condominium’s security cameras showed Mr McCann leaving his room on the 4th floor at 04:03.

“He left his room, went to the balcony in the hallway and then returned to his room,” said Pol Lt Col Tirasag, adding that he looked “desperate and depressed”. “This happened several times until he eventually jumped at 05:42.”

An autopsy at Patong Hospital will be carried out shortly. The American Embassy has already been notified of the death and staff are in the process of informing Mr McCann’s relatives in the US.

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Case Details

Source Matichon Online
Date of Death: October 11, 2017
Last Edited: 2 years ago
Age: 58 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Cause of Death: Falling
Province: Phuket
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