June 9, 2018

Fanhui Kong

Weather conditions played a major role in a road accident in Lampang, police said. Two Chinese citizens riding their scooter on a highway were killed in the crash.

Pol Lt Col Suwit Dimihan, the lead investigator at Hang Chat Provincial Police Station, told local media that the crash took place in the evening of June 9th in Wiang Tan subdistrict of Lampang province in northern Thailand.

“We were notified of the accident at about 18:00,” Pol Lt Col Suwit said. “At that time, we only knew that the accident involved a scooter and a sedan.”

To find out what had happened and who was to blame for the fatal crash, police and rescue workers rushed to the scene. The accident took place in a curve on the Lampang-Chiang Mai Highway between kilometre 493-492 in the subdistrict of Wiang Tan. The road was still wet following a rain shower earlier that day.

On the scene, police found a white and black Yamaha scooter bearing the Chiang Mai license plate 11 กท 8947. A white Toyota Altis, กจ 7593 Kamphaeng Phet, stood only a few metres further. Both vehicles were severely damaged, Pol Lt Col Suwit revealed.

The body of a middle-aged man of Asian descent was found partly buried under the scooter. Several injuries to his head and a skull fracture caused significant amounts of blood flowing out and accumulating around the body. After being rushed to Hang Chat Hospital 20 kilometres away, doctors had to declare him dead on arrival.

“We identified this person as Mr Siu Ming Wong from Hong Kong,” Pol Lt Col Suwit stated. “He was holidaying in Thailand with his presumed wife, Ms Fanhui Kong.” According to the investigation report, Mr Wong was riding the scooter at the time of the crash, his partner, 28-year-old Ms Kong from mainland China, was sitting at the back.

Ms Kong’s body was found under the front of the Toyota. She was already dead when rescuers arrived, police confirmed.

Police questioned the driver of the Toyota, Ms Chanyapak, 31. According to her, she drove from Chiang Mai to Lampang to get to her home in Lampang’s Ko Kha district. “It was raining a lot,” she said. “When I reached the curve where the accident happened, the road was so slippery that I lost control of my car and ”

In an initial investigation report, Pol Lt Col Suwit summarised the crash: “Mr Siu Ming Wong and his wife were riding their scooter on the highway between Chiang Mai and Lampang. Between kilometre 492 and 493, a bent and the wet road caused the car behind them to crash into their rear. The impact sent both vehicles off the road during which the two scooter riders fell off their bike and sustained fatal injuries.”

On Monday, the Immigration Department in Bangkok said that after learning about the crash it contacted their Hong Kong counterpart and the Chinese consulate in Chiang Mai to find out more about the case.

A spokesperson for the department said officers had contacted the family members of the deceased and offered help.

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Case Details

Source Thairath
Date of Death: June 9, 2018
Last Edited: 4 months ago
Age: 28 years
Gender: Female
Nationality: Chinese
Cause of Death: Road accident
Province: Lampang
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