February 9, 2017


A shocked maid found the body of a tourist who suffered a heart attack during sex with a prostitute after popping aphrodisiac pills.

The cleaner, who checked the room at midnight, found the man’s penis was still erect despite being dead for more than an hour. “Several packets of an aphrodisiac were near the bedside”, Pol Capt Narong Srimadon, who is investigating the case, told reporters.

Details about the man’s identity are still not verified. Whereas Thai media named him only as Gerd, British media said his name was San Gray. He was 64 years old. His nationality has not yet been revealed.

Mr Gerd had checked into a wooden bungalow in Bueng Kan province at around 19:00 on February 9 before ordering food to his room. Mr Gerd was due to check out the next morning, the investigator from Hor Kam Provincial Police Station said.

“CCTV footage showed a woman on a scooter arriving at Mr Gerd’s bungalow at around 22:00 while the man was sprawled naked on the bed. “The woman, who we believe that she is a sex worker, left a short time later,” Pol Capt Narong confirmed.

Police said they believed he had suffered a heart attack while having sex with the young girl due to the power of the aphrodisiac. Pol Capt Narong: “When we opened the door of his bungalow, we found him lying dead on his bed. His penis was still erect despite being dead for at least two hours.”

Police believe that Mr Gerd had a heart attack during sex. If and how much the drug contributed to his sudden death will be determined by a post-mortem examination.

Note: If you are related to the victim of this report and would like certain details to be not publicly available, please contact us . Please understand that we will not remove an entire article or the name of the person.

Case Details

Source Thairath
Date of Death: February 9, 2017
Last Edited: 2 years ago
Age: 64 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: German
Cause of Death: Heart attack
Province: Bueng Kan

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