July 6, 2018

Glenn Stanley Pattinson

Sattahip Police have discovered the body of a foreigner who had been dead for ten days in his bedroom. His dog who was trapped in the same room had already started to eat pieces of flesh the rotten body.

Officers from Sattahip Provincial Police Station and rescue volunteers made the gruesome discovery on Friday morning in a house in Eastiny Park, a gated community in Bang Sare subdistrict of Chon Buri province. Police identified the man as Glenn Stanley Pattinson, a 62-year-old retiree from Canada. He had been living in house 222/171 for three years, police said.

Police were called to the one-storey-house at about 10:00 after a neighbour became concerned about Mr Pattinson’s wellbeing. “The neighbour went to Mr Pattisan’s house to complain about the constant barking of his dog inside,” Pol Lt Col Passawat Siripon-nopakun said.

The disturbance quickly turned into suspicion as he noticed a foul smell emanating through the entrance door. “His mailbox was full, and he didn’t leave his house for ten days. Usually, he ventured out every night to walk his dog Cojo”, the unnamed neighbour told police. “He loved the dog a lot.”

When police and rescue workers managed to open the door, they were confronted with a disturbing scene: “Mr Pattinson himself was on the floor in the bedroom. His face was bloody and covered with deep bite marks. His ribs were exposed, too. It was horrifying,” Pol Lt Col Passawat remembered the scene.

Pictures of the macabre scene show a grotesquely bloated body surrounded by body-fluids. Due to the advanced stage of decomposition, forensic police estimated that Mr Pattinson had been dead for about ten days before being found.

Investigators quickly found out what most likely had happened in this room when they saw his dog Cojo lying the next to him with dried blood around his mouth. “The dog looked very weak. There were urine and excrements all over the floor but no water nor food. Obviously, the dog had been chewing off parts of Mr Pattinson’s face to survive after his master died.”

Police questioned the neighbour and found out that he lived alone but was frequently visited by a lot of different women. The investigation also revealed that Mr Pattinson had been taken to a hospital two weeks earlier. However, he was discharged the same day.

Police inspected the scene but did not find any signs of a struggle or other indications that Mr Pattinson might have been a victim of crime. However, officers found several diabetes-related drugs and bagged them as evidence.

“We have ordered the medicine to be analysed to see if there might have been any counterreactions between the drugs,” Pol Lt Col Passawat said. Rescue workers sent Mr Pattinson’s body to the forensic department at Police General Hospital in Bangkok for a post-mortem examination. Pol Lt Col Passawat confirmed they have already informed the Canadian Embassy in Bangkok of Mr Pattinson’s death.

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Case Details

Source Workpoint News
Date of Death: July 6, 2018
Last Edited: 11 months ago
Age: 62 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: Canadian
Cause of Death: Unknown
Province: Chon Buri
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