December 21, 2016

Gregor Poldevere

A cocaine overdose is the most likely cause of death of a young Estonian tourist found on the floor of his rented apartment, Rayong police said.

A maid discovered the body on Wednesday at 17:10 when she entered the apartment (239/116) to clean it. “She found a man’s body lying on the floor on his side,” said Pol Capt Chanut Bantong, the officer assigned to investigate the death.

The deceased was later identified as Gregor Poldevere, a 20-year-old tourist from Estonia. “The air conditioning was still running when we entered the room,” Pol Capt Chanut told Thai media. “The body was already in the process of decomposing which suggests the victim had been dead for several days.”

Officers were surprised to discover one kilogramme of a white powder in the middle of the dining table together with a small set of scales, a steel spoon, a black wallet and a wet tissue. Police believe the white powder to be cocaine. The bed was found untouched and did not appear to have been slept in on the day of discovery and there was no indication that a crime had taken place, Pol Capt Chanut said.

Further investigation into the case revealed that Mr Poldevere had checked into the apartment located in Rayong’s Tapthong subdistrict on December 18. He was due to check out on December 21, the day he was found.

Pol Lt Bonwattana Muensaen, who works as a forensic scientist, said that it was too early to say what had actually killed Mr Poldevere, but admitted that a cocaine overdose seems likely. Since the body was already decomposing, he surmised that Mr Poldevere died on the very day of his arrival.

Police have requested an autopsy to confirm the cause of death to light. Meanwhile, the white powder found on the dining table is being forensically analysed.

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Case Details

Source Thairath
Date of Death: December 21, 2016
Last Edited: 3 years ago
Age: 20 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: Estonian
Cause of Death: Overdose
Province: Rayong
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