August 12, 2008

Ian Beeston

A Briton has been found murdered after predicting that his Thai wife would kill him.

Ian Beeston, a 69-year-old retired design engineer, was beaten and stabbed to death at his home in a village in the north-eastern Thai province of Roi Et.

His body was found on Saturday. Yesterday, his wife Wacheerawan, 42, and her Thai lover, Somchit Janong, 48, were arrested and charged with murder.

Mr Beeston had predicted his death in a letter saying: “It is just a matter of time now. I am in real fear for my own life.” He left the letter with lawyers. The pensioner had been beaten and stabbed to death. Police said it took him seven hours to die.

Trouble started just four months ago when Beeston, married nine years to his 42-year-old Thai wife Wacheerawan, nicknamed “Wanna”, discovered that she had cashed in all the property he had bought in Thailand at a local bank.

He had invested all his life savings in over an acre of property and built his marital home, a guesthouse and a restaurant near a village called Suwannaphum, meaning ‘Golden Land’.

“I thought she loved me but she just wanted my cash,” penniless divorcee Beeston, who arrived in Thailand with £350,000 told friends at the time. He then asked his wife to leave the marital home and live in a shack with corrugated iron room nearby.

And he began selling all moveable objects in the house and restaurant piece by piece to survive until he could legally get the funds to return home.

Pol Cpt Patapong Patniboon of Suwannaphum Police said: “Ian Beeston’s wife and a Thai friend from Petchabun Province, Somchit Janong, 48, have both been arrested for her murder. We have assured the British Embassy that the investigation will be thorough.”

A British Embassy official said that attempts were being made to trace Beeston’s grown up children, who had moved abroad, and his ex-wife.


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Case Details

Source Daily Mail
Date of Death: August 12, 2008
Last Edited: 2 years ago
Age: 69 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: British
Cause of Death: Homicide
Province: Roi Et
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