April 13, 2017

Ilya Lukyanov

Two scooters collided with each other in a fatal crash on Koh Samui, killing three people including a Russian tourist.

The accident happened on Thursday night on a road in Koh Samui’s Maret subdistrict. Bo Phut Provincial Police Station was notified at approximately 23:00 and sent investigator Pol Capt Bunnam Sinarad and his colleagues to investigate the fatal crash.

On the scene, two scooters were wedged in the middle of the Ring Road surrounded by various debris and bits of plastic. Volunteers of Samui Rescue found a severely injured man and three dead bodies: two were Thai nationals, and one was a Russian tourist. Initial reports named him as Vitalii Manshin. However, as the Russian-language website Thaigovno discovered, this was only the name of the person to who the scooter was registered. In fact, the actual driver of the vehicle was Ilya Lukyanov, another Russian tourist – aged 28.

Pol Capt Bunnam talked to bystanders who had witnessed the accident. According to their statements, Mr Lukyanov had been driving his black Honda PCX around a bend at high speed when the incident occurred. He was seen heading in the direction of the Na Mueang subdistrict in the south-eastern part of the island.

The other vehicle involved in the accident was carrying three Thai men on their way to Lamai – a city in the opposite direction. As both motorbikes passed each other on the curve, Mr Lukyanov’s scooter unexpectedly smashed into the front-end of the cream-coloured Honda, resulting in all four passengers being hurled onto the road.

Two of the three Thai nationals, whose names have not been disclosed, died at the scene. A third man sustained serious injuries and was rushed to Koh Samui Hospital by rescue workers.

Once police had taken pictures of the scene of the accident, they requested that each body be examined by pathologists to ascertain if one or more passengers had a high blood alcohol level. “We will question more witnesses to determine who was at fault,” said Pol Capt Bunnam commenting on the status of the ongoing investigation.

Case Details

Source Khaosod Online
Date of Death: April 13, 2017
Last Edited: 1 week ago
Age: 28 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: Russian
Cause of Death: Road accident
Province: Surat Thani
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