May 18, 2019

Jan Single

Police have released video footage showing the last moments of a middle-aged German man who died in a front-end collision after his motorcycle was hit by an oncoming car. The fatal crash took place in Chiang Mai in the early hours of Saturday.

The video, which lasts only 22 seconds, was published on Chiang Mai Traffic Police’s Facebook page on Sunday. It shows a person in front of a 7-Eleven convenient store in Chiang Mai’s Pa Daed subdistrict turning his motorcycle onto Mahidol Rd and heading into the wrong direction before being struck by an oncoming pick-up truck at high speed.

The man was identified as Jan Single, according to several Thai and English news articles reporting the accident. His age was estimated to be between 30 and 35 years and has yet to be confirmed officially.

Pol Capt Gasemsit Dogan, who leads the investigation into the crash, was notified of the accident at 01:48 early Sunday morning, Manager Online wrote. Mueang Chiang Mai Provincial Police Station then dispatched officers, rescue volunteers and emergency physicians from the nearby Chiangmai Klaimor Hospital.

Rescuers found the lifeless body of Mr Single in the middle of Mahidol Rd going north-east, wearing a polo shirt and denim shorts. “Mr Single sustained several mortal wounds to his body during the crash”, Pol Capt Gasemsit described the foreigner’s condition briefly. “He died on the spot.”

After establishing his identity through his German identity card found in his wallet, police also discovered a small quantity of cannabis in his pocket stored in a zipper bag. Next to the concrete step barrier separating the two lanes, police saw Mr Single’s motorcycle, a black and red Honda CMX500 Rebel registered under 2 กก 6025 Chiang Mai.

The pick-up – a black Toyota Hilux Revo bearing the license plate ผย 4195 Chiang Mai – came to a halt about 105 metres further, indicating that the car had driven at roughly 135 km/h when it collided with Mr Single’s motorcycle and was therefore speeding. The grill and the hood of the truck were significantly damaged in the crash.

At the scene, police questioned the driver of the Toyota, 26-year-old Sutawi Suesatbun. According to him, the accident happened while he was on the way to his home in Pa Paet subdistrict. When he reached the 7-Eleven, he was surprised by a motorcycle turning onto the middle of the road and heading into his direction, leaving him not enough time to stop the vehicle or avoid a collision.

“We have talked to a witness who told us that he saw Mr Single minutes before the accident,” Pol Capt Gasemsit revealed according to Manager Online. “Mr Single was seen in front of the 7-Eleven appearing to be intoxicated. He then proceeded to his motorcycle, started the engine and entered the road where Mr Sutawi’s pick-up struck him.”

While police are concluding their investigation, rescue workers have brought Mr Single’s body to Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital where a post-mortem examination has been scheduled to give an insight whether the German was driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

The German Embassy in Bangkok has been informed of Mr Single’s death on Monday, police confirmed.

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Case Details

Source Manager Online
Date of Death: May 18, 2019
Last Edited: 1 month ago
Age: 35 years (unconfirmed)
Gender: Male
Nationality: German
Cause of Death: Road accident
Province: Chiang Mai
Note: The displayed location might not be accurate. View on Google Maps »

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