June 17, 2016

Jules Farrelly

Two days after he jumped from the fifth floor of his condominium in Samut Prakan province, a British foreigner has succumbed to his injuries. Police believe drugs may have played a role in this tragic incident.

After being informed that a foreigner had fallen from his balcony, Pol Capt Nakrin Jambanin, a deputy investigator from Samrong Nuea Provincial Police Station, made his way to an apartment building in Soi Sukhumvit 109 (Santikham) in Samut Prakan where the incident had taken place.

Pol Capt Nakrin, superintendent Pol Col Nopdon Sukontawit, Poh Tek Tung rescue volunteers and emergency doctors from Vibharam-Chaiphrakarn Hospital arrived shortly later at the scene. On the road leading to an eight-storey apartment complex, police found Jules Farrelly, a 17-year-old tourist from England, who was unconscious and had suffered life-threatening injuries, Pol Capt Nakrin said in a report following the incident.

Mr Farrelly was immediately rushed to the intensive care unit at Vibharam-Chaiphrakarn Hospital. However, concentrated efforts of the emergency doctors could not save the life of the young Briton. He died from his severe injuries two days later.

To find out what had caused Mr Farrelly to fall to his death, police questioned the owner of the building, Mr Chakon Ratsami-Fueangfu. He said that Mr Farrelly had lived in the room along with his older sister and her husband who had been renting the apartment for the past six months.

On the day of the incident, his roommates were out, and Mr Farrelly stayed alone in the apartment. At around 13:00, Mr Chakon said he received a complaint from a tenant on the sixth floor who had heard a loud noise coming from Mr Farrelly’s room. Mr Chakon then went to his room to check.

On his way up, Mr Chakon was halted by a security guard who told him that a foreigner had just fallen from the balcony of his apartment. The two then rushed outside where they found the motionless body of Mr Farrelly on the asphalt next to the building. He then informed the police, Mr Chakon said.

Officers investigated Mr Farrelly’s room but did not find any evidence of foul play. However, on a table next to the sofa, police discovered a packet of painkillers of which six tablets were missing. They also bagged a white powder that was spread out on the table and what officers assumed to be ketamine, a medication mainly used for starting and maintaining anaesthesia.

Investigator Pol Capt Nakrin viewed CCTV footage from the fifth floor and saw Mr Farrelly behaving in a strange way shortly before he jumped from the balcony. He was seen running out of his room and hiding in corners in the corridors of the fifth floor before rushing back into his apartment.

The investigation concluded that the ketamine Mr Farrelly had taken had induced hallucinations and made him think somebody was after him. The jump from his balcony might have been an attempt to escape the scene, police assumed.

In a video obituary, uploaded on June 17, a family friend commemorated Mr Farrelly with photographs from his young life.

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Case Details

Source Thairath
Date of Death: June 17, 2016
Last Edited: 3 years ago
Age: 17 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: British
Cause of Death: Falling
Province: Samut Prakan
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