May 9, 2017

Maksim Nepomniashchii

Police in Bangkok presume that personal problems have been the reason for the suicide of a young Russian man. The 26-year-old had jumped to his death from a shopping mall in Bang Rak district on Tuesday.

It was a quiet night on Thaniya Rd in Bangkok’s Suriya Wong subdistrict. The street, a notoriously jammed because it is used during the day as a shortcut to Rama IV, is one of Bangkok’s busiest roads. The incident, suspected as a suicide, occurred at approximately 01:45 on Tuesday morning at the 29-storey Thaniya Plaza building.

Two Thais who were walking along the street were startled to hear a loud thud only a few metres on the asphalt road close to them. Initially, they assumed the bundle to be garbage which some irresponsible tenant had thrown over their balcony. However, when they went to investigate, they were shocked to find it was actually a body.


The shocking moment was recorded by a nearby surveillance camera which was released by Bang Rak Police Station the following day. Shortly after the incident was reported, police officers and rescuers from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation arrived at the scene.

Deputy Investigator Pol Capt Natipong Sida issued the following statement: “There was nothing we could do. He had died before we arrived,” told reporters. Officers found parts of the deceased’s intestines strewn on the road indicating that the man had fallen from a great height. A doctor from Police Hospital accompanying police confirmed that the impact had caused multiple fractures to the man’s limbs and fatally damaged his skull.

Police recorded that the deceased was wearing an orange T-shirt and orange shorts, but was not wearing any shoes.

Pol Capt Natipong admitted at the beginning of the investigation that his officers were initially, we were unable to find any documents positively identifying the victim, but believed him to be a Russian national since his t-shirt showed a map of the Russia Federation along with Russian text. “All we knew was that he was a caucasian that appeared to be between 35 and 45 years old,” said Pol Capt Natipong.

The following day, Pol Capt Natipong later revealed that police establish the man’s identity by examining his Samsung mobile phone which they had bagged as evidence. His name was Maksim Nepomniashchii, 26. He lived in Bangkok and was employed as a teacher in an organisation teaching local children.

According to a Russian article on the website, Mr Nepomniashchii had arrived in Thailand on May 7 and booked a room in a hotel near Thaniya Plaza until May 9. A comment on the website by one of his acquaintances claimed that he worked just outside Bangkok city.

During their enquiries, police learned that Mr Nepomniashchii had visited a 7-Eleven store in Silom area at around 23:00 and bought two bottles of “Spice”. With a plastic bag in his hand, Mr Nepomniashchii went straight home, arriving at Thaniya Plaza about 20 minutes later.

Pol Capt Natipong stated: “CCTV recordings showed him standing in front of the elevator. When the security personnel weren’t looking, he entered the elevator and went to the 29th floor which serves as a landing pad for helicopters.”

When police arrived at the spot from where Nepomniashchii had leapt to his death, they found the two Spice bottles; one of them was empty and the other broken to pieces. “We also discovered a black Samsung Galaxy Note 4 mobile.” However, Pol Capt Natipong added, they were not able to turn it on because it had been lying in the rain for several hours.

Police were eventually able to start up the tablet by drying it out. “We needed the phone to find out the identity of the man and enable us to contact Mr Nepomniashchii’s next of kin,” said Pol Capt Natipong.

Investigators did not find a farewell letter or any other evidence which would explain why the young man decided to take his own life, so police can only speculate. Investigator, Pol Capt Natipong, suggested that stress over personal problems may have driven Mr Nepomniashchii to commit suicide.

The case remains open.

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Case Details

Source Manager Online
Date of Death: May 9, 2017
Last Edited: 2 years ago
Age: 26 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: Russian
Cause of Death: Falling
Province: Bangkok
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