September 20, 2018

Olivier Sylvain Pierre Soum

A marriage lasting two years ended in tragedy when a Thai wife broke up with her French boyfriend. The following day, she found the 45-year-old man had hanged himself at their house.

It was a tragic scene police had to watch when they arrived at a house in Bang Lamung district, Chon Buri district on Wednesday afternoon. A young woman kneels down next to the body of a man covered with a white cloth. In tears, she hugs and kisses him. It was her last goodbye.

The man was Olivier Sylvain Pierre Soum, a 45-year-old expat who was married to the woman, Natanat Surarad, 23. The couple had been in a marriage for more than two years and were living together in house no. 45/41 inside the Royal View Village near Pattaya’s City Park.

However, on Tuesday night, September 18, the relationship took a dramatic turn. “We spoke with Mrs Natanat about what had happened, but it was very difficult,” Pol Lt Col Titad Darunjan said, referring to the devastated and shocked state of the woman. The officer works at Nong Prue Provincial Police Station and is the lead inspector in this case.

“Mrs Natanat told us that she and Mr Soum had been married for over two years. But in the past months, she said, they often argued with each other. They almost quarreled every day.” No information about what their disagreement was about was given.

The quarrel became so much that Mrs Natanat and Mr Soum eventually decided to end their relationship and part ways. “They both broke up yesterday evening. That night, Mr Soum had agreed to sleep on the couch in the living room. Before she went to bed herself, Mrs Natanat saw him on the couch watching TV.”

When she got up the next morning, her now unofficially ex-husband was gone, Pol Lt Col Titad told the Thai-language online news website Daily News. “It didn’t surprise her. She said she thought that Mr Soum was moving his clothes and other belongings to a new apartment, just like they had agreed on the night before.”

The official police report which Farang Deaths was able to view wrote that Mrs Natanat left the house at around 13:00 for work. When she opened the front door of their home, she was shocked to find Mr Soum hanged on the porch with a nylon rope tied around his neck and fixed to a wooden beam under the roof.

“She immediately notified the officials, but it was too late, he was already dead when we arrived and untied him.” The marks on his neck were consistent with those of self-strangulation, the on-duty medical examiner noted. “Besides this, he had no other injuries on his body. We also found valuables and other things that belonged to Mr Soum in the house.”

Due to the evidence and photographs officers took at the scene, police are certain that Mr Soum had not become a victim of crime but was, in fact, not able to cope with the breakup and made the decision to commit suicide.

An autopsy scheduled at Police General Hospital in Bangkok will most likely confirm the officer’s theory and include it as the official cause of death on his death certificate, police said. Police also mentioned that the French Embassy in Bangkok has already been notified of Mr Soum’s death.

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Case Details

Source Daily News
Date of Death: September 20, 2018
Last Edited: 5 months ago
Age: 45 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: French
Cause of Death: Strangulation
Province: Chon Buri
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