January 11, 2018

Peter William Pickering

A road accident on Koh Samui involving two foreigners led to the death of a man from England. He was hit by a car driven by a Russian while crossing the road.

When police from Koh Samui Provincial Police Station arrived at the scene at 00:30, the man was already dead. Police quickly identified him as Peter William Pickering, 61. A medical examiner and volunteers of the local rescue foundation were also present at the scene in Moo 4, Mae Nam subdistrict in Koh Samui, Surat Thani province.

“We found the body at the side of the road next to the curb,” Pol Capt Nawi Jitban told media representatives the following day. “He wore a purple t-shirt and military shorts. In his pockets, we found 990 baht, a mobile phone, and a golden ring.”

A brief check-up by the medical examiner from Koh Samui Hospital revealed that Mr Pickering’s neck was broken. “There were bruises and other injuries all over his body,” Pol Capt Nawi remarked. His scooter, a red Honda Click with the license plate คกล-803 Surat Thani was parked a few metres further.

While rescue workers prepared the transport of the body to Koh Samui Hospital, Andrei Kolesnikov, the 31-year-old Russian driver of the car that had hit Mr Pickering, sat shocked on the opposite side of the road, his green Mazda 2 (3 กม-7215 Surat Thani) still standing in the middle of the street. “The front was completely demolished,” Pol Capt Nawi, who serves as deputy inspector in this case, described the damages. “Both windscreens in the front and in the back of the car were shattered.”

Police admitted they were a little surprised that the alleged culprit was still at the scene. Asked why he did not escape, he said that it would have been the wrong thing and that he is willing to face the consequences, police said.

A street vendor had witnessed the accident and was therefore questioned by officers. According to the woman, she saw Mr Pickering arriving and parking his red Honda Click scooter at the side of the road. He then attempted to cross the street to get to a beer bar but was suddenly hit by Mr Kolesnikov’s Mazda. Mr Pickering did not seem to have paid much attention as he walked over the street, Pol Capt Nawi added.

Based on the evidence police have collected so far, Pol Capt Nawi assumed that Mr Kolesnikov must have driven down the road at high speed and when he saw Mr Pickering, could not break in time. “However, we the case is still under investigation, and we are in the process of collecting available CCTV footage from the area,” Pol Capt Nawi said. Until now, no charges have been brought against the Russian expatriate.

Police said they would also conduct a blood test on Mr Kolesnikov to see whether he had been drinking and if his blood-alcohol level was under Pol 0.5g per litre of blood, the official limit in Thailand. The car itself, Mr Kolesnikov said, did not belong to him but a friend.

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Case Details

Source ONB news
Date of Death: January 11, 2018
Last Edited: 2 years ago
Age: 61 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: British
Cause of Death: Road accident
Province: Surat Thani
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