May 8, 2017

Sophie Emma Rose Anderson

Police in Phuket have confirmed the death of a heavily pregnant British woman. She was killed when the scooter she and her boyfriend were riding skidded and threw her into the path of an 18-wheeler on Monday, 8th May. The crash happened on a busy dual carriageway in the Thalang district of Phuket which has three lanes in each direction.

The lifeless body of Sophie Emma Rose Anderson, a 41-year-old woman from Blackpool in Lancashire, England, lay in the middle of the busy road: her head surrounded by a pool of blood. Pol Lt Col Sanit stated, “Even though Ms Anderson was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash, she sustained fatal head injuries and died on-the-spot.”

After being informed of the incident at 12:10, Pol Lt Col Sanit Nukong, an investigator at Thalang Provincial Police Station, was sent to the scene to investigate the fatal crash. Police and rescue volunteers of the Kusontham Foundation arrived at Thepkasattri Rd in the Thep Kasattri subdistrict of Phuket province where the accident had taken place.

According to Thairath, Police have identified the scooter driver as Danny Lewis Glass, 29. “Her boyfriend, Mr Glass, sustained only minor injuries and was in a state of shock when we arrived.” Officers questioned him to find out the circumstances surrounding the fatal collision.

According to Mr Glass, the couple were riding their Honda 125i scooter, registered under 1 กฌ 7058 Phuket, on Thepkasattri Rd when the vehicles ahead of them abruptly slowed down. Taken by surprise, Mr Glass slammed on his brakes to avoid the car in front of him and lost control of his scooter. In a BBC report, he stated: “The bike wobbled and started to skid… I tried to stabilise it but wasn’t able to. It’s a very difficult thing to do with two people on a scooter.”

When the vehicle skidded out of control, Mr Glass ended up in the left lane while Ms Anderson was thrown to the right: directly into the path of a heavy, 18-wheeled lorry. She died instantly from her injuries.

The Thai truck driver, 30-year-old Natawud Gimsue, initially fled the scene but later surrendered to Thalang Provincial Police Station. Pol Lt Col Sanit said that, so far, no charges had been pressed because the investigation is still ongoing. In a video published on YouTube,  Mr Glass, “Sun Fruit Dan”, expressed fear that he might be held responsible for the death of his girlfriend.

On Facebook, Mr Glass wrote: “I am in total shock as I’ve lost the most precious person I had ever connected with. My brain keeps going into denial. I am distraught. She was also pregnant so I lost my child too. I need as much love and support as I can from everyone.”

Ms Anderson, who lived in Phuket, came to the attention of the UK media last year after saying women should breastfeed their children until aged eight. She uploaded videos of her breastfeeding her five-year-old son, Shaye. At the time of the accident, Ms Anderson was 6 months pregnant.

According to a report in the Telegraph (UK, 17 May), Mr Glass has been charged with killing his girlfriend and with reckless driving. Lt Col Sanit Nookong told The Phuket News, “Both men are being held responsible for the death because both were driving recklessly. Both drivers have already been charged. Right now, the investigation is not yet closed because we are still waiting for the autopsy to be released. Then they will go to court.”

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Case Details

Source Blackpool Gazette
Date of Death: May 8, 2017
Last Edited: 2 years ago
Age: 41 years
Gender: Female
Nationality: British
Cause of Death: Road accident
Province: Phuket
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