January 31, 2013

Stephan Buczynski

A Dutch tourist has been found dead in Phuket waters. Stephan Buczynski’s body was found at about 09:30 floating 500 meters off the popular Patong beachfront, with him a waterproof bag that contained nine Xanax pills. Col Akanit explained that he would have to read the full report before knowing if the drug might have been a factor in the drowning.

Bangkok autopsy results have confirmed that Dutch tourist died from drowning, but were unable to determine the role the serious wound to his head played in the incident.

Doctors at Patong Hospital were fairly certain Mr Buczynski, 26, had drowned, but police requested the autopsy because there was also a deep gash on the back of his head, Patong Police Deputy Superintendent Akanit Danpitaksat told the Phuket Gazette.

“I was informally told by an officer at the Institute of Police Forensic Medicine in Bangkok that the cause of death was drowning,” Lt Col Akanit said. “The officer there explained to me that the wound on the back of Mr Buczynski’s head was caused by a hard, sharp object,” Col Akanit said.

“However, forensic doctors were unable to determine if the wound was sustained before or after the drowning, which makes it impossible to know if it was a factor in Mr Buczynski’s death.”

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Case Details

Source Phuket Gazette
Date of Death: January 31, 2013
Last Edited: 3 years ago
Age: 26 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: Dutch
Cause of Death: Drowning
Province: Phuket

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