March 31, 2017

Sunghan Yoon

In Phuket, a South Korean businessman hanged himself with his necktie due to problems with his business in Chon Buri. He was found on Friday morning.

The local police station received the report on Friday morning at 9:50. “We were only told that a man had hanged himself behind a house in Mueang Phuket district,” Pol Capt Udom Petcharat, deputy investigator at Mueang Phuket Provincial Police the Station, told reporters.

The case was assigned to Pol Capt Udom and his team to find out more about the alleged suicide. As is standard practice in Thailand, rescue workers from Kusontam Foundation followed the police to assist officers in their work.

“The house where we found the man is in a gated community near Brachasamagki Rd, Ratsada subdistrict, Mueang Phuket district,” investigator Pol Capt Udom said. “We got there very quickly.”

Behind house 154/34, police found the lifeless body of a man whom investigators later identified as Sunghan Yoon, a 49-year-old businessman living in Phuket. He had attached a necktie to the laundry room’s window frame in a way that allowed him to dangle when he jumped out of the window.

Police had already examined the scene before rescue workers arrived and released the victim from the necktie. His tongue was blocking his windpipe. “He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. The body showed no apparent signs of violence,” Pol Capt Udom confirmed. “We believe Mr Yoon had been dead for many hours.”

Police inspected the house of Mr Yoon, but did not find anything out of the ordinary. No valuable items had been stolen and there were no traces of a struggle or fight. Rescue workers transported Mr Yoon to Wachira Phuket Hospital to allow pathologists to perform an autopsy.

Mr Yoon is though to have lived alone. He and his wife had been living for several years, but his wife had decided to return to South Korea a week earlier and this left Mr Yoon, according to friends, in a depressed state of mind.

Police found a one-page farewell letter written in Korean. A friend of the deceased translated the content which explained the reason for his suicide. According to the letter, Mr Yoon had killed himself because of major business problems at SECCO Ltd in Chon Buri province where had been working as its Managing Director.

Police will try contact Mr Yoon’s wife so that she can repatriate he husband’s body so that it can be buried or cremated according to Korean religious tradition.

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Case Details

Source Manager Online
Date of Death: March 31, 2017
Last Edited: 1 month ago
Age: 49 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: South Korean
Cause of Death: Suicide
Province: Phuket
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