May 27, 2017

Tan Soo Lin

Only one night into their holiday, a Malaysian man woke up in a Hat Yai hotel to discover that his wife had passed away during the night.

The Manager of the Grand Pink Hotel on Saneha Nusorn Rd near the city centre in Songkhla province reported the death to Hat Yai Provincial Police Station at 7:30 Saturday morning. Deputy Inspector Pol Capt Jamlong Kongsawad took over the case and, together with a medical examiner from Hat Yai Hospital and volunteers of the local rescue foundation Tong Sia Siang Duen, went to the scene.

Inside an Executive Double room, police found the body of Tan Soo Lin, a 39-year-old Malaysian national. Describing his first impressions of the scene, Pol Capt Jamlong said, “Mrs Lin was wearing navy-blue shorts and a shirt and lying face up on the bed. She looked as if she was sleeping peacefully, but sadly, she was already deceased.”

A brief on-the-spot examination of the body by the medical examiner found no external injuries. Mrs Lin’s husband, who wished to remain anonymous in media reports. Pol Capt Jamlong stated: “Mr Lin told us that his wife had been suffering from a considerable list of health conditions including diabetes, heart disease, asthma and thalassemia, a blood disorder and that any of them could have lead to her death.”

Questioned about the circumstances surrounding Mrs Lin’s death, her husband said that they had both arrived in Thailand from Malaysia on holiday the day before: Friday, May 26. The couple had checked into the Grand Pink Hotel and gone to bed around 23:30.

“Everything was normal,” Mrs Lin’s husband told police. “She didn’t feel ill. She was behaving  normally, so I thought that everything was fine.” However, when he woke up the next morning, he tried to shake Mrs Lin awake, but she did not respond. “I immediately called the front desk and told them we needed a doctor urgently.”

Based on the evidence police have collected so far, they have concluded that Mrs Lin might have died during her sleep. “A heart failure seems to be the most likely scenario,” Pol Capt Jamlong said, adding that this was only a theory. The exact cause of death will be determined by pathologists at Hat Yai Hospital within the next week..

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Case Details

Source Manager Online
Date of Death: May 27, 2017
Last Edited: 2 years ago
Age: 39 years
Gender: Female
Nationality: Malaysian
Cause of Death: Heart disease
Province: Hat Yai
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