June 1, 2017

Timofei Krasnov

A Russian tourist was found hanging in his hotel room in Phuket by a hotel housekeeper. Police have ruled the death a suicide surmising it was triggered by intense personal problems.

The news website Phuket Hot News reported the death on Friday, June 2. According to the article, the deceased, whose body was discovered the day before, was a 42-year-old Russian tourist named Timofei Krasnov. Deputy investigator Pol Lt Tanakan Uchonratsami of Sakoo Provincial Police Station in the Thalang district of Phuket province confirmed the incident toward Farang Deaths.

The staff of the hotel, whose name was withheld, reported the gruesome discovery to police at 17:40. Rescue volunteers from the Gusontam Phuket Foundation and additional police officers were dispatched to the hotel located near Naiyang Beach in Mu 3 in Sakoo subdistrict about four kilometres south-west of Phuket International Airport.

When authorities entered the room of Mr Krasnov, they found his lifeless body hanging from a nylon rope which had been knotted around his neck. The other end was attached to a lock bolt and swung over the bathroom door.

“Mr Krasnov’s body did not show any signs of physical struggle or wounds that would indicate that a violent crime had taken place,” Pol Lt Tanakan stated. Asked about the possibility of a break-in, the investigator said that they found several valuable items in the room which contradicts a robbery theory.

At the end of their inspection, police photographed the scene and collected items as possible evidence. Rescue workers then moved Mr Krasnov’s body to Thalang Hospital where medical examiners are expected to perform a post-mortem examination to confirm the official cause of death .

During the investigation, Pol Lt Tanakan learned that Mr Krasnov had been staying at the hotel since May 29. A receptionist at the hotel remembered that he checked in alone. “He had planned to check out on June 1 at 12:00, but instead, he committed suicide ,” investigator Pol Lt Tanak summarised the incident.

When Mr Krasnov still did not check out of his room at midday, hotel staff assumed that he had decided to prolong his stay and sent a housekeeper to clean his room. However, she was unable to open the door. The hotel manager was called to open the room and he realised that the door was locked from the inside.

Employees managed to gain access to the room by climbing onto the balcony and opening the unlocked glass door. “This is when they found Mr Krasnov’s body,” Pol Lt Tanak said. “Shortly after, they notified us of the death.”

Even though police have not found any clues mentioning the reasons for the suicide, Pol Lt Tanak speculated, “Mr Krasnov may have suffered from depression related to personal issues. These could have driven him to suicide.”

Authorities have notified the Russian Embassy which is responsible for contacting Mr Krasnov’s family and helping them to arrange the repatriation of his remains to the Russia.

Note: If you are related to the victim of this report and would like certain details to be not publicly available, please contact us . Please understand that we will not remove an entire article or the name of the person.

Case Details

Source Phuket Hot News
Date of Death: June 1, 2017
Last Edited: 2 years ago
Age: 42 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: Russian
Cause of Death: Suicide
Province: Phuket
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