May 11, 2017

Trevor Roberts David

Police in Phitsanulok province continue to puzzle over the death of an elderly British man whose body was found in Nam River on Thursday morning.

Residents of the Nai Mueang subdistrict discovered the body floating on the river close to Wat Tha Maprang temple at around 09:30, Pol Capt Anuwad Watanagarun of Mueang Phitsanulok Provincial Police Station said. Police later identified him as 74-year-old Trevor Roberts David from England.

Volunteers of the Kawpab Rescue Association took his body to a nearby pier to allow a doctor from Naresuan University Hospital to examine it more closely.

Pol Capt Anuwad told reporters at Phitsanulok Hotnews, “Mr David was fully dressed wearing black trousers, a white shirt and shoes. We did not find any injuries or bruises on his body.” The doctor on-the-scene estimated that Mr David had been dead for  two to four hours.

Police checked his pockets and found a driving licence bearing his name transliterated into Thai. “We also found 2640 baht in cash, a watch, a car key and a bunch of house keys,” said acting lead investigator, Pol Capt Anuwad.

While police were examining the body on the pier, a woman identifing herself as Mr David’s sister-in-law arrived at the scene. Puangtong Nuanjan, 59, told police the victim had been living in Phitsanulok for more than ten years. Before retiring, he reportedly worked as an English teacher in the province. Police confirmed this information in a statement published later that day.

“Ms Puangtong told us that Mr David usually stayed at home, 999/11 Mu 3 in the Aranyik subdistrict and only occasionally went out to visit his friends who lived nearby.” Police quoted Ms Puangtong as last seeing the victim alive when she was visiting her sister on Tuesday and noticed nothing unusual.

Police contacted the victim’s wife, Bratueang David, to notify her of her husband’s death. She was unaware of where he was or the location of his car. The police plan to question her further and determine the exact cause of death. At this early stage, they suspect Mr David drowned.

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Case Details

Source Phitsanulok Hotnews
Date of Death: May 11, 2017
Last Edited: 2 years ago
Age: 74 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: British
Cause of Death: Drowning
Province: Phitsanulok
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