November 17, 2016

Victor George Alberts

An Australian national died when his car collided with a pickup truck and plunged down a roadside embankment.

Ho Kham Provincial Police Station was notified of a road accident involving four people, including a foreigner, on Thursday morning. Pol Capt Sanuton Namo took over the investigation. The crash occurred between kilometre 20 and 21 on Chayangkul Rd or Highway 212 in Bueng Kan’s Khai Si subdistrict.

When police and rescue workers arrived, they found a yellow Mitsubishi pickup truck with a severely damaged front end on the side of the road. Neither the driver of this vehicle nor his two passengers sustained any major injuries as a result of the crash.

However, police found a second car a good 20 metres down a slope by the roadside. The left side of the white Honda City (Bangkok license plate 1กค 9425) had been wrecked: the front end and back door had completely caved in.

In the passenger seat, police found the lifeless body of Victor George Alberts, a 55-year-old Australian. “Mr Alberts was still strapped in by his seatbelt, but had sustained severe injuries to his head and face,” said Pol Capt Sanuton describing the condition in which rescue workers had found the deceased.

Police interviewed residents who had witnessed the accident. According to them, Mr Albert’s car was coming from the west at high speed. Just before a small bridge, he overtook a scooter, driving in the lane with oncoming traffic.

“The accident occurred on a bend in the road,” Pol Capt Sanuton said. The yellow pickup truck, which was coming from the other direction, was unable to swerve away from Mr Albert in time and ended up slamming into the passenger side of his car.

A forensic examination at Bueng Kan Hospital has been scheduled to confirm the official cause of death. Police have notified the Australian Embassy so that they can forward the tragic news to his relatives. Mr Alberts is survived by his wife and his brother.

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Case Details

Date of Death: November 17, 2016
Last Edited: 3 years ago
Age: 55 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: Australian
Cause of Death: Road accident
Province: Bueng Kan
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