January 26, 2017

Vladlen Yasen

A Russian man slipped and broke his neck in his Phuket home unnoticed by his wife who was sleeping off a drunken stupor in a different room.

A tenant in the same house, located in the Choeng Thale subdistrict of Phuket, notified the police after he saw a foreigner lying motionless in his room. Pol Lt Col Sagon Grainara of Choeng Thale Provincial Police Station was assigned to the case and brought additional rescue workers and emergency physicians to investigate the scene.

When police entered his rented landed property, they discovered blood stains and pieces of broken ceramic on the floor. The man, identified as Mr Yasen, 49, was found in the bedroom. He was wearing an orange T-shirt and orange-grey shorts.

“We found Mr Yasen in an unusual position,” Pol Lt Col Sagon said. “It looked as if he had fallen and hit the side of the bed. His and heads were on the bed whereas his upper body and legs were stretched out on the tiled floor.” Police noted a bloody wound under his feet, but did not find any evidence of a fight. A physician estimated Mr Yasen had died at least 12 hours before he was found.

To their surprise, police found a Russian woman, Mrs Elena Yasen-Lazo, 51, sleeping in another bedroom of the house. The stench of alcohol filled the room and repeated attempts to wake her up failed. Instead, she was taken to Thalang Hospital with suspected alcohol poisoning.

Early investigations by Pol Lt Col Sagon revealed that the couple had been renting the house for more than two years. They had also set up a business renting out rooms to Russian tourists who were working or on vacation in Phuket. The couple had a reputation for heavy drinking amongst their friends.

Based on the evidence collected at the scene, Pol Lt Col Sagon surmised that Mr Yasen wended his way to his bedroom in a paralytic state and stepped on broken pieces of ceramic. These causded him to slip and fall against the side of his bed breaking his neck. “His broken neck was most likely the cause of death in this case,” Pol Lt Col Sagon said.

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Case Details

Source Khaosod Online
Date of Death: January 26, 2017
Last Edited: 2 years ago
Age: 49 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: Russian
Cause of Death: Accident
Province: Phuket
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