July 17, 2016

Wesley Bryan Carrol

Phuket police are puzzled over the death of 38-year-old South African whose body was discovered in his apartment early Sunday morning.

Crumpled plastic bags, pieces of dirty laundry, emptied and dented Chang beer cans: Investigator Pol Maj Batapi Srichai from Patong Provincial Police Station had to watch his step while he was walking through the messy room on the fourth floor of a rented apartment on Phuket’s Pisitkoraneee Rd in Patong subdistrict.

Prasert Kraisanguan, the owner of the building, had previously called police after perceiving an unpleasant smell emanating from one of the tenant’s rooms. The man who lived there, a South African named Wesley Bryan Carrol, did not respond to knocks on the door as well, making the owner concerned about the condition of the tenant.

When police opened the door to the room on the second floor and started to inspect the apartment, they quickly discovered the dead body of Wesley Bryan Carrol in the bathroom. Wearing no clothes, he was lying on his side underneath the sink. A distinctive tattoo on his right arm and documents found in the disorganised apartment confirmed that Mr Carrol was a 38-year-old South African national.

Mr Prasert told Pol Maj Batapi that Mr Carrol had been renting the apartment for the past two months. A Thai neighbour told police Mr Carrol lived alone but had a girlfriend on the third floor within the same building.

According to Mr Prasert, the Mr Carrol had owed him one month’s rent and said he had been very loud at around 23:00 the night before id death. Another tenant living in the same building claimed he had heard loud noises coming from the deceased’s room at 9:30 the following morning.

Valuable information came from a statement officers took from a woman who claimed that she had been seeing Mr Carrol for about two months. She told officers that the deceased liked to drink alcohol, smoke marijuana and regularly took diazepam pills. She described Mr Carrol as “very loud and jealous”.

According to her statement, the two had had a violent fight on July 14. Mr Carrol had become jealous of her going out with a friend and suspected her cheating on him. One day after the quarrel, she reported, Mr Carrol visited her at her workplace on Bangla Rd. “He promised to get his life back together and stop drinking,” Mr Carrol’s girlfriend recalled. “That was the last time I saw him alive.”

Police could not find injuries or signs of violence with the naked eye and were not able to present a possible cause of death. A post-mortem examination at a nearby hospital is supposed to give certainty.

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Case Details

Source Manager Online
Date of Death: July 17, 2016
Last Edited: 3 years ago
Age: 38 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Cause of Death: Unknown
Province: Phuket
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