August 19, 2018

Zhang Guo Jun

A Chinese family’s holiday in Phuket ended in tragedy when the father drowned during a private boat trip to Koh Racha.

The Thai language online news websites Bangkok Biz News reported that the incident took place in the Patok Bay on the island of Koh Racha in Phuket’s Rawai subdistrict.

According to the article, Zhang Guo Jun, his wife and their two children had been on a private day-trip from Phuket to Koh Racha on Sunday booked through a local travel agency. “The tour operator brought them to Koh Racha in the morning and was supposed to pick them up and bring them back to Phuket in the evening,” Pol Capt Somgiad Sansid explained.

While the family of four was waiting at Patok Bay for the speedboat to arrive, they decided to pass the time by swimming at Patok Beach. “The waves were very high at that time, so lifeguards had been instructed to put up red flags to warn beachgoers not to go into the water.”

However, Mr Jun and his family seemed to have ignored the warning signs and nonetheless went swimming. Not long after they entered the water, lifeguards stationed at the beach saw the family struggling to keep their heads above the sea due to the high waves. “At this point, we knew they were in trouble,” one of the lifeguards told Farang Deaths when asked about the events. “We immediately jumped into the water to rescue them.”

Lifeguards managed to bring the wife and the two daughters back to the shore. However, Mr Jun himself had already been swept away by the waves and was unconscious when he was pulled back to the beach.

Mr Jun was then rushed to the newly opened Chalong Hospital on Chao Fah Tawan Tok Rd in Phuket’s Chalong subdistrict. During the 23-kilometre way back, lifeguards continuously administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to keep the family father alive.

However, after switching to an ambulance which brought him to Chalong Hospital, doctors were not able to revive him. Mr Jun was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Pol Capt Somgiad, who serves as deputy inspector at Chalong Provincial Police Station, revealed that the family had arrived in Thailand on August 17 and checked into a hotel in Phuket the following day. “Their flight back to China was booked for the 23rd of August,” Pol Capt Somgiad stated.

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Case Details

Source Bangkok Biz News
Date of Death: August 19, 2018
Last Edited: 12 months ago
Age: 32 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: Chinese
Cause of Death: Drowning
Province: Phuket
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