Donations to Farang Deaths

Farang Deaths needs your support. Why?

Farang Deaths is a public non-profit project that is free for everyone and publishes its content in an unbiased, neutral and uncensored way.

Guaranteeing this, unfortunately, comes with a price. To remain independent, all costs are being paid by donations or by the volunteers working for Farang Deaths. The people supporting the project through donations are not only helping to be visible online but are also the ones who keep Farang Deaths alive.

For what are donations used?

All donations Farang Deaths receives are being spent entirely and solely for the project itself. This does not include labour costs since everyone working for Farang Deaths does so voluntarily. However, some bills cannot be avoided. These include:

How can I donate?

To make a donation, you can either use PayPal with the e-mail address or use Bitcoins and make a payment to Farang Deaths’ account:

Address: 13sFNCrKN1A8pp2MJdp8CQK3Sg6ms2Krxr

Bitcoins are a digital currency and a way to transfer money anonymously. To learn more about Bitcoins, please click here.

If you encounter any technical problems during your donations, please let us know and we will solve this issue as fast as we can.

How much should I donate?

The amount of your donation is entirely up to you. Every donation, no matter how small or high, is highly appreciated and accepted gratefully.